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This Couple’s Adorable, Fabulous, 47th Anniversary Photos Have Gone Viral

Wedding photographer Amber Robinson had the honor of photographing two unequivocal love-birds as they celebrated their 47th year of marriage together. Here’s the catch, these two smitten individuals just so happen to be her parents.

“[they are] The epitome of where I strive to be in my own marriage and a constant reminder that a wedding is only a day, but a marriage is forever.”

67-year-old Wanda and 70-year-old Marvin Brewington have been together since 1968 when they met at Livingston College. Two years later, they were married in the backyard of Wanda’s childhood home. (Fox News)   

These anniversary photos are extraordinary not only because there is an overwhelming amount of love in them, but because they show the story of a couple who let nothing come between them in almost half of a century.

According to the post that made the couple’s photos dominate the internet, the Brewingtons have conquered two stretches of cancer, raised two children, overcome financial instability, and “fed, sheltered, and advised countless lost souls” together.

From 1973 to today, the couple has been challenged with Marvin’s multiple sclerosis, his colon cancer, his prostate cancer, and Wanda’s Parkinson’s Disease.

What has held them together through all of this? Essence tells us it was their love for each other and their faith in God. The love-struck duo also told Essence, “We made a vow on our wedding day, through sickness and health and have always been determined that we can and will overcome anything. On the days that one of us is down, the other one picks us up.”

To see more of Wanda and Marvin’s photos, click here.


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