Club In The Spotlight: Play Like A Girl

Presidents/Co-Founders: Victoria Asmus (‘18), Carly Fagan (‘18)

Victoria Asmus and Carly Fagan are undoubtedly two of the smartest and fit chicks around, and we were privileged enough to sit in on their first introductory meeting for their Fairfield Chapter of Play Like A Girl. Through their college experiences, they have found a true passion for wellness and fitness, and decided to share their knowledge with the Fairfield community through this unique club. Keep reading for more information on this amazing organization, which will officially be launching this Fall.  

For those who don’t know, can you please explain the premise of PLAG?

PLAG is a national nonprofit organization. Its focus is to inspire girls to live a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle by promoting physical activity as a path to health and success. On the collegiate level, PLAG chapters are groups of girls who come together to achieve their fitness goals, learn how to live a healthy lifestyle while also helping others in the community to do the same.

What made you two want to begin a PLAG chapter at Fairfield?

Both of us had difficult transitions coming into college and we unable to find a close group on campus that we could become a part of. This made us want to begin our own close group, which became a PLAG Fairfield Chapter. We fell in love with PLAG because it is both a lifestyle and a family. We thought it could make other girls feel like they are apart of something and love attending Fairfield.

How do you feel the introduction of PLAG will benefit the Fairfield University student body/community as a whole?  

We feel like our chapter is going to empower girls and give them confidence to share with others. We want all of our girls to find their fit and strengthen social bonds with each other. Not only is the fitness component important, but each girl will have the opportunity to make a service impact in the greater Fairfield community.

What are some big events you girls have planned looking forward?

Everywhere we go we get inspired and are constantly rushing to pull out our phones and write a new idea down. Overall we are going to have educational events, fitness events and community service/fundraising events. Be on the lookout for when we announce them!

What are you both most excited for regarding the future of PLAG, being that you’re best friends!

Fagan: I’m most excited to be starting this journey with my best friend! I can’t wait to be a part of a big group of girls who not only become close and have so much fun, but that also support one another to achieve their goals and find their passion.

Asmus: The second we got approved, Carly and I walked out of our presentation in tears (happy of course!) We are so ready and excited to take on this leadership role and make PLAG the best it can be. Starting something with your best friend makes all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into maintaining your passion (PLAG) fun and well worth it. I wouldn't have anyone else by my side.

Name one fitness memory you each have…

Fagan: Tor and I go to ZenRide every week and you’d think by now we would be pros at it, but we’re not. We are still always the first ones there and take 15 minutes to set up our bikes and even fall off them sometimes (aka Tory).

Asmus: Car and I have also found ourselves doing random workouts in the hallways of the Rec Plex since it’s being redone. Usually we are cheered on by the visiting high school basketball team as they try to awkwardly squeeze by our embarrassing plank positions that take up the whole hallway.

What is your favorite kind of exercise?

We like to switch it up and try new classes. We also love to incorporate Kayla Workouts as an extra challenge to most of our routines. As much as we love to exercise we should note that we always make sure that what we are eating fuels our bodies and is healthy and nutritious.

Do you plan on incorporating the exercises above in your plans for PLAG? Absolutely! We are going to partner with classes in the area as well as do our own group workouts, which is where we would incorporate Kayla Workouts or just go for a fun run around campus or to the beach.

How can someone who missed the first meeting, sign up?  

Girls can sign up here and we will forward all prospective members the information needed to join! We can’t wait to have you.

What kinds of positions are available to those who wish to join, and have some responsibility in the organization?

We are currently looking for a Treasurer, Secretary, Events Chair, Publicity Chair, Membership Chair and a Photographer. New positions are also being created as we need them since it takes more than two people to get such a big club off the ground.

Being a university approved, female run organization, how do you think PLAG will empower the overall female demographic here at Fairfield?

We think it will allow girls to be a part of something that is bigger than herself and inspire girls to find their fit. We think it will make easier transitions and form great friendships.

What is one goal you have for the club?

For every member to feel like they are a part of something where they can make a difference in the community and achieve their fitness goals. We want PLAG to be a lifestyle but also a family.