Chrissy Teigen and Luna Pose in Adorable Matching Avocado Suits

Chrissy Teigen and her adorable daughter Luna are already goals, but they have seriously outdone themselves with their latest Instagram post together! Supermom Chrissy had the brilliant idea to dress herself and Luna up in matching avocado onesies. Why? (As if it really matters, because it’s so damn cute). But because this was Chrissy’s last day of shooting for her upcoming cookbook, Cravings 2, she decided to celebrate in style. Chrissy posted pics of her and her daughter rocking their avocado outfits on Instagram, but she also added a few behind the scenes videos on Snapchat as well!

If you know a little girl who would look just as cute as Luna in this suit, you can get it here! Or, if you’re as much of an avocado lover as Chrissy, you can buy the adult version, which is on sale now, here!