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Chipotle’s E.Coli Outbreak Shuts Down Over 40 Locations

More than 40 Chipotle locations in Washington and Oregon are closing due to an E. Coli outbreak that has sickened about 22 people. The reports of people falling ill have been being reported since mid-October. About a third of the victims have been hospitalized and health officials are warning anyone with symptoms of vomiting or bloody diarrhea to seek medical help. Officials are predicting the outbreak of E. Coli is a direct result of a fresh food delivered to specific Chipotle locations. The mission to understand the root of the E. Coli outbreak is still underway and officials are not predicting any long-term effects to Chipotle’s loyal consumer base. 

Josephine (Josie) Lekkas is a Junior at Fairfield University majoring in Business and Art History with a minor in PR and a passion for the French language and culture. She loves to write about Fashion, Current Events, Travel & Lifestyle. She is an avid digital media user and influencer with a passion for following the evolution of digital technology and it's many uses for business growth and strategy. On top of her double major course load, she works part-time in Manhattan at Group SJR, a digital marketing and advertising firm. Follow her on instagram @josie_lekkas!
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