Campus Profile: A Sneak Peak of the Third Annual Dogwoods

This Friday, March 31st, is Fairfield’s third DOGWOODS concert in Alumni Hall.  A night powered by GROOVEBOSTON featuring our very own DJ Greg T is one you should mark on your calendars.  This night is filled with good vibes, great music, and an overall fun atmosphere. I was fortunate enough to talk with the very talented DJ Greg T or as the Fairfield family knows him, Greg Tchertchian.

Her Campus: How did you start DJing?

Greg Tchertchian: I first got into DJing back in 2012 when I attended my first concert, Electric Zoo New York. After attending the 3 day long festival I was so amazing with the music and the overall EDM scene in general so I started researching and finally bought myself a set of turn tables and some speakers and basically taught myself how to DJ. I've been DJing more as a hobby since the beginning of high school but when college started I began to get more and more opportunities to DJ such as sports formals, lacrosse tailgates, Around the World, Dogwoods, and Clam Jam.

HC: How would you describe your set list for Dogwoods?

GT: A big thing that most people don't understand is that for an event like Dogwoods, I am only the opener for the event. Being an opener for an event like Dogwoods is a really tricky task because it is your job to set the bar for the crowd before the main event. I am restricted to play any mainstream songs or any of the top 100 songs because that is the headliners job. For example, if I were to play a song like Closer by The Chainsmokers, I would be taking away from the headliner's songs that I know they will play. When planning for an event like Dogwoods, I try to keep my set list filled with fun throwbacks and classic songs that us stags love to dance and sing along to.  

HC: What is your favorite thing about DJing?

GT: One of my favorite things about DJing is making the crowd dance. When you play a song and get a positive reaction from the crowd, it reassures me that I am doing a good job and everyone is having a good time. Nothing is more satisfying when your actions have such a big impact on a large crowd.  

HC: What are your top 3 favorite songs at the moment?

 GT: I have so many favorite songs but if I could pick 3, Dreaming (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Smallpools, Alone by Marshmello, and Strive by A$AP Ferg ft. Missy Elliott. 

HC: How did the opportunity to DJ for Dogwoods come to be?

GT: So I am one of the Program Coordinators for the Class of 2018 on FUSA, and last year when Dogwoods 2.0 was being planned, the FUSA Traditional board had asked me to be the opener because they thought it would be a great experience for me to be apart of such a long lasting tradition transformed for the next years to come. 

HC: Who is your biggest musical influence? Why?

 GT: My biggest musical influence is 3LAU. Some of his songs you may know are 'How You Love Me' and 'Is It Love'. He started DJing in college making mashups in his dorm room DJing for bars and frat houses. He is my biggest influence because at the age of 23, he turned down a job on Wall Street to pursue his dream of music. He knew he would not have been happy working behind a desk for the rest of his life. Now he is more successful than he ever thought he would be.

HC:  Would you rather collaborate with The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Drake, or Chance the Rapper? Why?

GT: If I had to pick I would probably want to collaborate with The Chainsmokers. They have collaborated with so many diverse artists that resulted in many music awards and record-breaking singles worldwide. They have single handedly broke the barrier of EDM music and Pop by combining their music with artists such as Coldplay and Halsey. I met Drew and Alex, (The Chainsmokers) my freshman year at Fairfield when I opened for them at Clam Jam. It was a really great experience. 

There are only 2,000 tickets available so be sure to buy yours soon! TIME: 9PM-Midnight Doors close at 10PM Price: $15