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Campus Profile: 9th Annual Hip Hop Block Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Hosted by Dr. Boryczka’s PO153 students: Sydney Newman, Eileen Shea, Danny Joseph, and Nicki Seiler

Dr. Borycka’s PO153 will be hosting their 9th Annual Hip Hop Block Party on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

Her Campus: Tell us a little about this event.

PO153 Students: The event is coming up this Tuesday in the lower level BCC. The Ninth annual Hip Hop Block Party is thrown by Dr. Boryczka for her Race, Class, and Gender Through Hip Hop class. We are bringing in the kids from the Bridgeport McGinnly Center’s after school program. Everyone got to know the kids through the after school program and we all just enjoyed spending time with them. At the event we’ll be hosting games, activities, and music for them but it’s also open to everyone in the Fairfield community. There will also be fundraising at the event to raise money to buy them new school supplies. 

HC: How did you all get involved with this organization?

PO153: It started off as a requirement for the class. We all went in open minded to the experience and we all ended up really liking it. When we found out thee kids were coming to the block party we all got super excited and began to plan the event. The kids are great and we really enjoy spending time with them. Though this is not necessarily a service learning class, this service learning component is more for the kids and we jus wanted to continue the tradition because of the friendships we made with the kids.

HC: What makes this year different than the previous block parties?

PO153:  We are adding a few new different components than in years past. We usually plan small events or group activities for the kids but they end up falling behind because they want to do their own thing so this year we are starting off with a huge freeze dance and then once that’s done the kids can go do whatever activities they want. It might not be that different than last year but a lot of the kids come year after year and we want them to continue that.

HC: Where is the event taking place?

PO153: Lower Level BCC from 4:00-5:30pm

HC: What is the schedule for the events?

PO153: There is going to be a bake sale during the event and the profits made from that will be used to buy new school supplies. We are also accepting un-used school supplies for donations.

HC: Are you looking for volunteers for the event?

PO153: Just coming to the event would be huge. Also, if anyone has anything specific that would bring another aspect to the “hip hop” theme feel free to email Sydney at Sydney.newman@sudent.fairfield.edu or if you have any “hip hop” oriented talent like graffiti art, djing, or breakdancing that would be great and the kids would really love it.





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