Campus Cuties: Meet Liam Dougherty and Barrett Gumina

This week’s campus cuties are the perfect roommate duo and they may just be the sweetest boys in the freshman class! I had the privilege of interviewing Liam Dougherty and Barrett Gumina this past week. Between their witty sense of humor and charming personalities these two are the best of both worlds and it’s so hard to believe they are both single!


Liam and Barrett: Both undecided business.


L: Wayne, Pennsylvania.

B: Westchester, New York.

Her Campus: What are you involved in on campus?

L: I’m one of the goalkeepers on the varsity soccer team. I’m also on RHA in Regis, a member of SAAC, and in the honors program.

B: Damn Liam ha-ha. I’m just on intermural soccer.

HC: What made you choose Fairfield?

L: Well, the county is pretty similar to my area at home so I liked that. The campus is a “looker” (he laughs); it’s really beautiful. Oh! And soccer, drew me here because the team is made up of a great group of guys. Definitely the beach too, oh and academically it fit pretty well.

B: It’s not too far away from home, but it’s not too close. My older brother graduated in 2012 so I wanted to follow in his footsteps I guess. Also, the opportunity for the beach senior year is pretty great.

HC: What is your favorite part of Fairfield?

L: The soccer team definitely. They are a great group of guys and they took me under their wing.

B: Ok, ok. Probably the class sizes and I’ve been fortunate enough to be friends with this guy *points to Liam*

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

L: A nice sense of humor, a charming personality, and good looks *he laughs*

B: Got to have beautiful eyes, can’t be vain, and absolutely a sense of humor. She’s got to get my jokes too!

HC: Describe your roommate in three words.

L: Handsome, funny, and a bum.

B: *laughs* Got me with the bum…we sleep a lot. And funny, hardworking, and…a cutie.

L: I have too many layers.

HC: Describe what your dream date would be.

L: Ok, dream date, I got this. Either Barrone or McDonald. Just kidding. *Laughs* We’d go to a world cup championship game. The good thing about that is it would be in a foreign place. Then end the night with a nice dinner.

B: Hold up! You are going all out. Umm… I wouldn’t do anything too special. Go to Italy, drive around, and get a bite to eat! Definitely buy a bunch of cannolis, have some wine and then hope for a good night kiss.

HC: What are your biggest fears?

L: Definitely disappointing people.

B: Ugh I feel you. Oh my God! Wait unrealistic or realistic?

HC: Either.

B: Ok. If I woke up with a spider on me or something. I’d freak.

HC: What are your dream jobs?

L: Professional soccer player. Hands down.

B: Damn me too. Wait I don’t want to copy him.

L: You can copy me. You can do whatever you want.

B: Awe ok. Lets go with that.

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Liam: Instagram: @Liampdougherty

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Barrett: Instagram: @BearGumina9