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Campus Cuties: Jared Harper ‘18, Tyler Nelson ‘18, and Jerome Segura ‘18

Left to right: Jerome, Tyler, Jared

This week’s campus profile is on three boys who are the definition of campus cuties.  These roommates are inseparable on and off the court. Between their awesome personalities, sense of humor, and their on-point playlists, these guys are so worth getting to know. There’s the sensitive one, the funny one, and the hopeless romantic… what more could you ask for! Without further ado, meet Tyler Nelson, Jerome Segura, and Jared Harper.


Tyler Nelson:  Junior. Haverhill, Massachusetts

Jerome Segura: Junior. Houston, Texas

Jared Harper: Junior. Beverly Hills, California

Relationship Status:

TN: Single and ready to mingle. “The single trio” …that should be our title name.

JS: Single.

JH: On the market.

HC: What do you find attractive in a girl?

TN: Smart, easy to talk to, and someone who enjoys sports.

JS: Smart, honest, enjoys sports, and someone that can make me laugh.

JH: Kind, loyal, honest, and likes sports.

HC: Jared are you looking for a girl or a dog? *Laughs*

JH: Wow, damn. Ouch.

HC: Who are your celebrity crushes?

TN: Kendall Jenner.

JS: Scarlett Johansson.

JH: Margot Robbie.

HC: If you were on an island and could only have three things, what would you have?

TN: Water, cell phone (you never know I might get some service out there), and probably some protein bars for food since they last a while.

JS: Water of course, sour patch kids *oh damn, that’s a good one-TN*, and of course my phone.

JH: What would I bring? Oh yeah, I’d bring some water, dried mangos… Just kidding, scratch that. I’d bring chocolate chip cookies, and either my phone or a TV.

TN: How/ why would you watch TV on an island?!

JH: I’d find a way bro

HC: Describe each other in three phrases.

Jerome on Tyler: I gotchu bro, gonna make you look good. Ok, ok… thoughtful, best freestyle rapper I know, and funny.

Tyler on Jared:  Funny *pause: Is this me bro? Oh thanks man-JH*, laid back, and interesting… you have so many interesting facts about you… and you know so many random things. *Laughs*

Jared on Jerome: Sweet young boy from Houston, genuine (to Jared: I gotchu bro, let me think) passionate… Rome is a funny guy.

HC: if you could only listen to one music artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

TN: Drake.

JS: “C-Breezy” (Chris Brown).

JH: Future.

HC: What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to girls?

TN: Girls with super long or fake nails. I get uncomfortable. Oh! And slow texters!

JS: None.

JH: Short responders when it comes to texting, when I say something thoughtful and I get some BS back… I’m like “c’mon!” *J-Harp will be writing novels over here*-TN Call me the author, my shit can get published!

HC: What is your most successful (or funniest) pickup line?

TN: I used to do this in high school. I would tell a girl if I scored more than 20 points in a game, they would have to go on a date with me.

JS: I don’t need one.

JH: Hey I’m Jared. I live in Beverly Hills, CA.

What is the most romantic gesture you have done to impress a girl?

TN: You are asking the wrong guy.

JS: Oh, my promposal: Half time at one of my games I had the guys hold up signs that said “Will you go to prom with me?”

JH: This is a Jared Harper question right here. I dressed up in a costume and sang her favorite song! *No you did not!*-TN Yup sir, I did.

HC: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

TN: OH! I love the show Glee and the movie Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect is one of my favorite movies…. You know the Barden Bellas… they’re my girls.

JS: I watch Pretty Little Liars.

JH: I watch One Tree Hill and Pretty Little Liars.

HC: What is your perfect date?

TN: Oh God, the perfect date? That’s some corny shit. Okay, just some pizza and hang out at the townhouses… doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m just kidding. Yo, Rome, I know you definitely have something thought up.

JS: To go mini-golfing and bowling, then take her to the beach.

JH: Hey Rome I like it, keep it simple, keep it simple. Okay, I’m taking my girl to Nobu at night in Malibu, and then taking her to my beach house and spelling “I love you”  in the sand.

TN: Okay, so my real answer… *laughs* Helicopter ride over NYC and then dinner on the rooftop of a hotel … that’s fire.




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