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California Wildfires and Their Shocking Devastation

In the wake of the recent hurricanes’ rage upon Texas, Florida, and many other locations, our country faced yet another crisis of natural disaster. The eruption of wildfires across the Northern region of California quickly shifted our focus to the currently not so golden state, and the heartbreaking destruction these fires have left behind.

On October 8th, flames raged throughout the Cali counties of Napa, Lake, Sonoma, Solona, Butte, and Mendocino. Over the course of their rampage, 5,700 structures were destroyed and nearly 220,000 acres were burned – making it the most destructive incident of wildfires in the state’s history. Such destruction included thousands of homes. The fire forced about 90,000 people out of their homes, with being evacuations encouraged throughout each of the affected counties. According to The Los Angeles Times, 40 lives were taken by the wildfires, while hundreds remain missing. This is the most significant loss of life by means of wildfire since the Cloquet Fire of 1918.

Unlike the flames, which persisted without sympathy, it’s difficult to not feel for the unimaginable loss that those living in such affected areas have suddenly suffered. Although thousands of miles lie between Connecticut and California, compassion can stretch from coast to coast.

Here’s a list of some organizations in which you can donate to relief for California wildfire victims:

Sonoma County Resilience Fund

Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund

American Red Cross

Wildfire Appeal

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