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I am somebody who has always been very invested in all of the drama with Tik Tok stars, so when last week happened, I knew that I would be up late at night waiting to hear these stories come out. There was a lot of coverage on the dating drama of these TikTokers, so I am going to break it down for you today.


Before I discuss the drama, I am going to go over the people involved and their past relationship status with each other. First, we have Madison (Mads) Lewis and Jaden Hossler. Then, we have Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards. Mads and Jaden dated on/off for over a year, according to Mads on her Call Her Daddy interview. Josh and Nessa were rumored to have started dating in January 2020. In June, they posted a YouTube video titled “We Broke Up”. Although, in November, Josh posted another video where he called Nessa his girlfriend in the title. In March, Josh said on BFFs Podcast that he and Nessa were on a break. It is very clear that their relationship is much more public than Mads and Jaden’s is. 


So, how did all of this drama start? Well, I will tell you right now. All hell broke loose when Mads posted a Tik Tok video to Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge.” This song is used for a trend on TikTok when people show them in a relationship, then show the person who cheated/ruined the relationship for them. She has since deleted the Tik Tok, but people have screen-recorded the video. So, why did Mads post this? Well, since the two have been on/off dating since 2019, they seemed to be on good terms in a relationship or not. That all changed, however, when Nessa and Jaden released a song together. Nessa and Jaden were seen promoting the song together, but Nessa and Josh did seem to be together while this was happening. 


After Mads now deleted TikTok, she unfollowed Jaden and deleted most of their Insta posts together, but the drama doesn’t stop here! Nessa decided to join in on the conversation over Twitter and spoke her mind.  She said that “music is the only thing keeping me alive. And that’s what I’m focusing on. That’s it”. This seemed to imply that she was not in a sneaky relationship with Jaden, but that was ~not~ the case. 


Many people were still confused about the status of these relationships, and Mads went on Call Her Daddy to talk a bit about her side of the story. She came into the studio already clearly upset. She says that she found out that “morning that Jaden likes Nessa.” This is where stuff really got interesting. Throughout the podcast, she talks about her relationship with Jaden and friendships with Nessa and Josh. 


Just days before Mads went on the podcast to speak about her side, Jaden and Nessa got matching “3” tattoos. Yes, you heard that right, matching tattoos.  It seems that they are really making it clear that their relationship is getting permanent. Soon after this, the two got another matching angel tattoo together. 


Following all of this news and several photos from paparazzi, the two made it very clear that they were official. You may be asking yourself, what does Josh think about all of this? Josh was and still is very mature about this entire situation. Josh sent out this tweet discussing how he wants to handle this situation offline because it is a tough situation for him. On BFFs Podcast, he did say that he knew they “kinda liked each other,” and he wished them the best. After the podcast was released, he went to twitter again to say that all of this should have been handled offline. 


I hope this helped you learn a bit more about the situation at hand. What is your favorite moment from all of this drama?  There truly are so many to choose from.  HCXO!


Eileen is currently a Communications major at Fairfield University. She is from Lexington, Massachusetts, and loves to make trips to Boston whenever she can. Some interests include writing, music, and fashion.
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