The Best Downtown Fairfield Restaurants for Dates With Your S.O.

Looking for a restaurant for a first date? Maybe you want to spice up your relationship with a new favorite restaurant? We got you covered. These are the best restaurants in Fairfield for your next date night. Whether you want to go fancy or casual, there are so many options to choose from, but below are the ones that you ~need~ to try.


  1. Molto Pizzeria

Easily the best restaurant in downtown Fairfield for a date. It’s not overly expensive and the food is truly incredible. They have a large menu of Italian food, and the pizza and pasta is always amazing. Don’t sleep on the appetizers and salads, they’re literally life changing. The wine is delicious, the atmosphere is romantic, and it’s a great place to model your new outfit.


  1. Mecha Noodle Bar

This one is more on the casual side and perfect for anyone who loves Asian cuisine. Their ramen and noodle soups are delicious and it is a fun place to take your date! It is also conveniently located next to MilkCraft, which is the best place for ice cream afterwards. Definitely worth the visit for an inexpensive date night.


  1. The Sinclair

Another great restaurant where you can dress up and have a romantic date night. The cocktails and appetizers are delicious. They have a large menu of salads, seafood, pasta, and sandwiches. Their brunch is also amazing, especially on a nice day when you can sit outside.


  1. Flipside Burgers

Flipside is definitely on the casual side, but has a super fun atmosphere to get drinks and burgers. They have a large menu, so anyone with allergies or preferences is able to find something to eat there. Their drinks are definitely the star of the show and I recommend splitting one of their “monster” drinks with your date. 


  1. Craft 260

This American style restaurant is one of our favorites in Fairfield. All of the food is moderately priced and there are so many great options on the menu. Definitely more on the casual side so it’s a perfect place to rock your new jeans or sneakers. The cocktails are also great and we recommend trying the mac and cheese!


  1. Brick + Wood

A Fairfield classic. Brick + Wood’s pizza is to die for and it always has a great atmosphere. One nice touch about this place is that you can watch the chefs make the pizza and put it into the large stone oven in the corner of the restaurant. They have a huge menu full of amazing Italian food and it is super fun to create your own pizza!


  1. Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill

For Southwestern/Mexican food, Geronimo’s is the go-to. They have a very unique menu with so many interesting dishes. It is definitely a great place to try something new and enjoy a drink while you’re at it! Save room for dessert, it is totally worth it here.


Going out to dinner is essential to a relationship and getting that quality time we all so desperately want. So get out there, enjoy some delicious food and drinks, and have an amazing night with that special person in your life!