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The Best Commercials from Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for football fans and others alike. Whether your team wins or loses, you can always count on the commercials to provide some laughs, tears, or eye rolls. Here is a roundup of some of the most popular commercials that aired this past Sunday!

Bud Light | The Bud Knight

It is not the Super Bowl if there is not at least one beer commercial. The Bud Knight has made multiple appearances on people’s television screens this football season. It was no surprise to find it being played during the Super Bowl. The classic “Dilly Dilly” catchphrase rallied everyone and got the crowd excited.

T-Mobile | #LittleOnes

The T-Mobile commercial had the crowd cooing and awing at the babies. Kerry Washington, who voiced the commercial, raised an important question of equality and if you are going to join the change. However, the message was ambiguous leaving viewers wondering if it was about switching carriers or changing the world. This commercial contained more political undertones than the rest.

Budweiser 2018 Super Bowl Commercial | “Stand By You”

While Bud Light held its spot as the funny beer commercial, Budweiser made a commercial that tugged at the heartstrings. Budweiser is sending out canned water to areas throughout the U.S. that were affected by natural disasters. It is nice to see popular companies offering help to those in need!

Tide | Super Bowl LII 2018 Commercial | It's a Tide Ad

If you did not know who David Harbour was before the Super Bowl, you definitely had some idea of who he is by the end of the game. David Harbour, fan-favorite from the hit television series Stranger Things, pokes fun at the reoccurring themes of Super Bowl commercials, while emphasizing that he is starring in a Tide commercial.

Alexa Loses Her Voice | Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Amazon’s Alexa is taking the world by storm. It seems like everyone has one in their household. In this commercial, Alexa lost her voice and a few celebrities are helping her continue with her duties. The appearances of Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Sir Anthony Hopkins are what landed this commercial a spot on the list.

DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE | Super Bowl Commercial with Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman face off in a commercial for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice. The two celebrities go head to head in a lip sync rap battle. Dinklage rapped Busta Rhymes’ verse on Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now,” while Freeman sang Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On.” It was a literal Song of Fire and Ice for you Game of Thrones fans!

Touchdown Celebrations to Come | NFL | Super Bowl LII Commercial

Last but certainly not least, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. along with the rest of the New York Giants stole the show with their rendition of "Dirty Dancing.” The commercial had people laughing at the football players trying to show off their dance moves. Many people were surprised to see the Giants featured in a commercial since they were not in the Super Bowl themselves. It is a great reminder that there is always next season for your team to make it to the Super Bowl.

I hope everyone had a great Super Bowl experience, regardless of what team you were cheering for!! Until next year, Stags!!


Danielle Vazzano is a senior at Fairfield University and is from New York City. She is majoring in English/Professional Writing and minoring in Politics and Catholic Studies. Some of her favorite things include hanging out with friends, reading, and exploring. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy during the Spring 2019 semester.
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