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The Benefits of Networking Early in College

There are many important aspects of college, such as making new friends, going to classes, and studying for exams. A commonly forgotten aspect of college is networking. Networking can seem a bit daunting and intimidating to college students, but it is a crucial action that should be taken by all college students. The earlier you begin networking, the better!


While many of you may have heard about networking, you may not necessarily know what it entails. Networking is a great way for college students and even recent graduates to meet and connect with the right people to help with current or future career goals. 


A fun fact about networking is that 85% of all jobs are found from networking!


One of the major benefits that come with networking early in college is that it enhances your social skills. While you may think your social skills are already great from conversing with your friends at school, sometimes the way you converse with friends or peers is not the most appropriate way to converse with those whom you are networking with. 


Networking allows you to focus on your social skills, make changes, and practice when needed. The earlier and quicker you can learn to adapt socially, the stronger the relationships you will be able to build within your career. 


The biggest benefit and takeaway from networking is the people it allows you to get in front of. Through networking, you will chat with people who know when jobs are created or will be created. Putting your name out there to these sorts of people leaves you with endless possibilities and job opportunities. With that said, the more you network, the more your name will be known to employers and hiring staff. 


Always remember to not be afraid to network with faculty at your school, or even alumni from your school. I guarantee you whoever you reach out to, whether it is on LinkedIn, or via email, they will be more than happy to help. All of those who you connect or network with were once in your shoes and understand how difficult it can be to find a job or internship. There are only positive outcomes that will come from networking, which is why it is great to start networking as early as possible. In college, to make sure you get the most out of your college career and land your dream job one day! 

Catherine Howley

Fairfield '22

Catherine is a senior Communication major at Fairfield University. In addition to majoring in Communication, she is also minoring in Education, Marketing, & Public Relations. Catherine has always had a love and passion for writing about women's fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Upon graduating from Fairfield University, she hopes to continue, and further, her love of writing through working in the PR industry.
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