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This season of Bachelor in Paradise resembled the social life of college students so incredibly well.  Whether you are trying to get out of the friend zone, interested in pursuing something more than a hookup, or just hook up during the weekend, this happened to be exactly what the cast members were going through just in front of a camera.

After just a few short weeks of looking for love, Bachelor in Paradise season 4 has come to an end. Last night viewers watched as the remainder of the cast chose between taking the next steps in their relationships or walking away alone. Being one of the most dramatic episodes of the season, choices are made, tears are shed, and only a select few walked away together.

In the first half of the episode, the couples had the chance to go on a date and stay in the fantasy suite, leave paradise a couple, or leave separate. Raven and Adam go to the fantasy suite first. Robbie wants to stay with Amanda and then she breaks up with him. (Typical scenario of most college students each weekend mm?) Diggy has two girls he’s choosing between. He decides to say goodbye to Dom and then tries to get with Jaime who is not into it at all.  Diggy is left alone and single once again and leaves to go home. This seasons “it” couple Derek and Taylor go to the fantasy suite and pursue their relationship even more. (So happy!) Next up are Lacey and Daniel. Falling head over heels before she even met him, Lacey has been one of those cast members that would go for any type of attention because all she wanted to do was be in a relationship. Her and Daniel seem to hit it off (or so it seems) and they head off to the Fantasy Suite. The next morning Lacey wakes up to Daniel talking to a producer about how he has no intention of being in a relationship with Lacey after shooting which leaves her devastated and gives the studio audience a reason to be incredibly disappointed and put Daniel in a very awkward situation.

Next up are Jasmine and Tickle Monster who agree to mutually break-up. Next! Jack Stone tries to get Kristen to go on a date with him and to date after paradise. She says they haven’t really talked that much and aren’t on that level yet so she turns him down.  Next the love triangle of the season is up. Kristina has already left in the last episode and now it is Dean and D-Lo. D-Lo tries to stay with Dean and Dean says he loves Kristina so they all leave alone.

During the After Paradise Live Show, Corrine comes out on stage and talks to Chris Harrison first. He asks if she and DeMario have talked in person yet and if she wants to see him. She says they haven’t but that she would be open to seeing him. DeMario then comes out and the reconcile. She tells him that she is now happy (as is he) and that the sun has finally come out from the clouds. They hug it out and both leave the stage. Next Amanda comes on stage and Chris asks her what the deal between her and Robbie is as well as why it didn’t work out. The twins accuse Robbie of cheating while he was at a music festival (picture on twitter be sure to check it out.) Amanda believes that Robbie didn’t cheat on her but that they both want different things. The twins stick to their guns and make sure to have Amanda’s back the whole time.

Next the Dean Kristina and  D-lo drama comes up. Dean gets in the hot seat. Turns out he called D-lo an hour after they left and they’ve been hooking up since the show ended and Kristina didn’t know that. Kristina says be careful you don’t want to flip flop us again an Dean is put in a really awkward position but c’mon doesn’t every girl who’s been played want a chance to call the guy out on live TV?

Chris Harrison asks Dean if he has anything to say to the girls and he just says sorry which puts the audience in an uproar.

Next Lacey comes out and basically after the morning after the fantasy suite tells everyone what she heard Daniel say. She now has to face the fact that he wasn’t interested in being with her and that he was not in it for the long run.

Raven and Adam come out together next. They have been together since the show has ended and have been been on trips together. Raven says that she is meeting Adam’s parents next week and Chris Harrison asks if Adam has met her parents yet. They happen to be in the audience and they meet Adam for the first time there. Awe so cute.

Finally Taylor and Derek come out. They talk about their journey so far and how they have been together since the end of the show. The moment everyone has been waiting for finally arrives and Derek proposes to Taylor. It is super romantic and mushy gushy. Truly a great way to end the season.  Though this was the shortest season of bachelor in paradise so far at least a few lucky couples were able to find love.


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