Avocado Engagements

If you haven’t heard about the latest proposal fad, you’ve probably been living under a rock.  Avocado proposals have been bombarding Insta feeds recently, and we’ve got all the questions.  If you’re as ~avo-obsessed~ as your significant other, an avocado engagement, or the using of an avocado instead of the traditional ring box, is probably right up your alley.


The Internet has been totally ~obsessed~ with this idea ever since an Insta posted by food stylist, Colette Dike, circulated an overwhelming 10K likes. TBH, is there really anything better than being presented with a stunning diamond ring nestled into a beautifully ripe avocado?  I think not.

Two courageous men took to this unique proposal idea and Cosmopolitan asked them what they had to say about it:

Randy Gonzalez, 29, Westbrook, Connecticut:

“In September 2016, five years after we met on West Beach in Connecticut, I brought my fiancé, Kimberlee Brosnan, back to the same spot. I packed an avocado for us to share and put an engagement ring, which had a diamond from my father's mother and a new white gold band, inside. A photographer, Kim Tyler, happened to be shooting something else, saw us, and captured the moment.”

Ben Stevenson, 32, Stamford, England: 

“For Christmas of 2015, I surprised my then-girlfriend Taylor Selby with a trip to Bali and the surrounding islands, a place she'd dreamed of visiting for a few years. I planned to propose within the first few days of our trip, but Taylor fell ill, so I decided to wait until later on when we'd be on the Gili Islands beach at sunset. I found the perfect spot for a picnic, and we took a few photos. Then I told Taylor how much I loved her, got down one knee, and gave her a box holding an avocado with the ring inside.”

So if you’re on board with this ~avo-obsessed~ craze, all you need is a handsome fiancé, a stunning diamond ring, and a trendy avocado.