9 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Lash Lift or Lash Sets

The luxury of rolling out of bed with luscious lashes is something we have all dreamed of, and Lash Lifts and Lash Sets can make that happen! Here are 9 things you need to know before you splurge on these luxury treatments.


1.What’s is the difference?

Lash sets or extensions are synthetic lashes that are glued to individual lashes; they make your lashes appear fuller and longer. A lash lift is a chemical treatment that is applied to your natural lashes that hold them in a curl for a semi-permanent amount of time. Lifts can also be accompanied by a tint, which dyes your lashes darker semi-permanently as well. 



Lash sets tend to cost around $200 with fills costing anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on how many lashes need to be filled, so ~expensive~. Lash lifts are a bit more affordable, usually between $50 and $100. Don’t forget the tip!


3.They don’t last forever

Lash sets tend to last about 3-4 weeks before needing a fill. Lash lifts are said to last 4-6 weeks, but in my experience, it is usually closer to 6-7 weeks.


4.Spa treatment and makeover in one

The relaxation that comes with this treatment feels like you’re at a day spa. The soft music, comfortable bed, and aromatherapy scents can put you to sleep. Not to mention, most treatments include a short upper-body massage after the lashes are finished. The pulling and touching of your eyes and lashes can get a bit uncomfortable, but your specialist will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.


5.It takes a while

Lash extensions are applied to each individual lash, so depending on how full your natural lashes it timing can vary. The usual time frame is between 1 and 2 hours. Lifts are a bit quicker as they just swipe a set of treatment over your lashes and let it sit for its appropriate amount of time. These appointments tend to last 45 minutes to an hour.


6.The downside to lash sets

While your lashes will look amazing, in the long run, they can damage your lashes. When the lashes fall out, they take your lashes with it. When all of the lashes have come out, you’re left with very sparse lashes that you need to treat with a serum. There’s also that awkward look when some of your extensions have fallen out, but some are still in, making your lashes look uneven. You need to treat your lashes with extra care; use certain soaps, be careful with getting them wet, and you can’t rub them (this was the hardest part for me). Be ready for this before you start getting lash extensions.


7.You’re going to become addicted

No matter who you are, you’ll love your look with lash treatments! They truly make you feel so confident, and everyone loves that feeling! Once you start, be prepared to become obsessed with how amazing your lashes look.


8.Lash lifts – you can wear mascara over

With a lash lift, you are actually able to apply mascara over! Unlike extensions, it is completely safe to swipe some mascara on to enhance the lift. Just be prepared for your lashes to look the most beautiful you’ve ever seen them!


9.Lifts: Your real lashes, just curled

Some people get a lash lift and expect them to look longer and fuller like extensions; this is not the case. A lash lift is your real lashes, just enhanced. The lift makes them curl up as if you used an eyelash curler on them, but it lasts over a month. The tint can make them appear fuller, like mascara, but if you have naturally sparse lashes, a lift will not make them look the same as extensions would.


As someone who went into her lash set and lash lift appointments blindly, I hope my advice prepares you for your new addiction. Good luck to your wallet!