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The 9 Stages of Getting Motivated Again After Spring Break

After a long and much needed break, the thought of even doing work again seems unbearable. The short tease of spring break is keeping us collegiettes dreaming of summer and preventing us from resuming our old routine. However, the sooner we collegiettes get back into the swing of the things, the quicker the remainder of the semester will fly by and the sooner summer will come…hopefully.

Stage 1: Excitement

Ten days was too long and the separation anxiety of being away from your friends was becoming overwhelming. You absolutely cannot wait to see them.

Stage 2: Reality sets in

After the excitement of being back is over, you start to remember the work that needs to be done.

Stage 3: Procrastination

You’re still stuck in spring break mode, so doing work is just not going to happen. You’ll tackle that assignment tomorrow. (make keep tense uniform throughout!)

Stage 4: Meltdowns

The thought of how much work you have to do is overwhelming. Tears and binge eating are known to occur during this stage.

Stage 5:  Contemplating dropping out

You start to think what you are doing here. You start to search career paths that do not require a college degree. “I can totally be receptionist, I swear I can do it”. Maybe put that in italics as opposed to quotes?

Stage 6: Organization

In an attempt to be productive, you try to make a list of everything that needs to get done to get you motivated.

Stage 7: Prioritizing

Sh*t is getting serious. You start setting up everything you have to do and when you have to do it.

Stage 8: Tackling the work

No more messing around for you, it is time to crack down on doing the work and getting stuff done.

Stage 9: Back in the groove

Nothing can stop you now! You are fully motivated and pounding out papers like there is no tomorrow! You go, girl!

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