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The 9 Emotional Stages of Packing for Spring Break

So, you’re officially going on vacation for Spring Break 2K15 and it’s almost here.  Once the excitement and joy slightly wears off, panic begins to set in. What am I going to pack? What Suitcase? How will it all fit? Stress sets in, and then the emotional stages of packing happens… 

1. The thought of having to choose the clothes that are going to end up in your suitcase makes you want to have a nervous breakdown.

2. Trying to narrow down shoe options may almost be as hard as committing to a college. What? Four Jack Rogers sandals, three pairs of wedges, and six pairs of flip-flops aren’t reasonable? Options, people!

3. Telling yourself that you won’t over pack this Spring Break…Psh, whom are you trying to kid?

4. Don’t worry, you’ll sneakily add the extra clothes that your Mom said not to bring into your suitcase. She won’t notice, except maybe at check-in when the suitcase gets weighed.

5. WHAT DO YOU MEAN 50 POUND LIMIT?!? Deep breath, your cleverness will shine through with your packing methods—rolling and folding are in your genes.

6. The clothes that don’t make the cut for Spring Break shatter your heart but you’ll be reunited with them soon.

7. Before you shut the lid to your perfectly over packed suitcase, you obsessively stalk the weather for your tropical destination up until the night of departure.

8. Once you realize that the weather isn’t as miserable as the Northeast, you’re finally ready to zipper up that suitcase and go on vacation.

9. Finally, you find yourself mentally preparing just in case TSA randomly selects your suitcase to search through. Hopefully they appreciate the roll and fold method.  


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