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8 Affordable Fall Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

Fall is FINALLY here! That means pumpkin spiced lattes, chilly weather and fall fashion.  I’m here to tell you what essential (and affordable) pieces you’re missing in your wardrobe for this season.

  1. Blanket scarf

    You can’t go wrong with a blanket scarf.  They dress up any casual outfit and give you that needed warmth on those breezy fall days.  They can be found for under $10, like this one from Forever21.

  2. Vests
    Vests are a fall favorite of many.  They’re not too warm, but warm enough while also adding ~fall flare~ to your outfit.  Old Navy carries vests in various colors, like this one, for great prices (they usually even go on sale!!)
  3. Sneakers 
    Little white sneakers or Sperry sneakers are perfect in between weather shoes for when it’s not quite warm enough for sandals, but not cold enough for boots.  These can be found at Target for cheap prices (or if you’re lucky enough, you might be able to snag a pair of Sperry sneakers at Marshalls).
  4. Flannels
    Flannels are perfect for the days that you’re feeling lazy, but still want to look like you put effort into your look.  They’re comfy, but super cute at the same time.  Reasonably priced flannels, like this one, are easy to find in stores like Forever21.
  5. Ripped jeans
    Jeans are an obvious must have for the fall, but we can’t forget to buy a pair of ripped jeans.  Ripped jeans are big this fall and will pair well with all of your fall outfits. American Eagle always has deals on their jeans and has a great variety to pick from.
  6. Booties
    It may be a little early for riding boots, but we can definitely break out the booties.  Booties are easy to find at reasonable prices at places like Marshalls and Charlotte Russe.
  7. Denim Shirt 
    The number of ways you can style a denim shirt for fall is endless, which is why they are definitely essential for your wardrobe. This one from H&M is flattering and cheap!

  8. Basic t-shirts & cardigans

    This may sound like a given, but a basic t-shirt under a cardigan is one of the easiest fall outfits.  Basic t-shirts are easy to find in a variety of stores (the one shown above is this one from H&M).  Cardigans are easy to find for good prices as well, like the one above from Charlotte Russe.

Victoria Gracie

Fairfield '18

Victoria is a graduate from Fairfield University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. She's from Long Island and has an intense love for New York City. She hopes to travel the world and always lives life with a positive attitude. A few of her obsessions include pizza, dogs, coffee, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram: @vgraciee
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