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7 Top Fairfield Eats You Must Try

There are a serious amount of reasons to brag about attending Fairfield University; we’re 5 minutes away from the beach, we have a beautiful campus, and we have an extremely reputable academic standing. However, one thing I am constantly raving about to anybody who will listen is the food in the town of Fairfield.

As a total food junkie, I am here to tell you where you must go to eat before you graduate.

  1. Colony Grill- I’m from New York so trust me, I know good pizza. But, believe it or not, colony has a ton of NY pizza places beat.
  2. Fin- For all of the sushi lovers at Fairfield, this will become your go-to sushi place. They don’t deliver, but the shrimp tempura rolls are worth the drive.
  3. Circle Diner- This makes other diners look like a joke. Best omelets ever.
  4. Hole in the Wall- This deli is literally a hole in the wall but it has some of the best egg sandwiches I’ve ever had. Oh, and if you’re not an egg sandwich person don’t worry, they have Philly cheesesteaks, Mexican food, salads, and lunch sandwiches.
  5. Geronimo Tequila Bar & Southwest Grill- The best Mexican food you will ever have, hands down. If you don’t get the guac while you’re there, you’re not doing it right.
  6. Firehouse Deli- For all of you indecisive eaters, the red gate sandwich is a go-to.
  7. Pizzeria Molto- This is a great date night restaurant with pasta to die for.
    Order’s up! 
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