7 of the Funniest April Fools Jokes From the Internet

Happy April Fools’ Day! Today truly shows how you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. Companies across the web are getting better each year with their pranks, making it hard sometimes to tell if it is a joke or not. Enjoy just some of the best April Fools’ pranks across the web.

1. The "Saved by the Box" from Birchbox Did anyone else secretly wished this Saved by the Bell themed box was real life? Zach and Kelly forever <3

2. Fairfield University’s Mascot ChangeSay goodbye to Lucas the Stag, and hello to Thomas the Turkey. APRIL FOOLS! Anyway Fear the Turkey would not have the same ring to it as Fear the Deer.

3. The Selfie Shoe from Miz Mooz New-York based shoe store Miz Mooz created the selfie shoe as an April Fools’ joke. All you need are the shoes and crazy flexible legs to enjoy. Honestly, I will not be shocked if in 25 years this becomes a real thing. 4. Pac-Man on Google Maps Try to get to North Benson Road before getting killed by one of the ghost. It’s hard.

5. FreshDirect’s 5-Day Cheese CleanseJuice Cleanse? Nah, I would rather do a cheese cleanse. Cheese lovers all your dreams have come true, now you can sign up with FreshDirect for a 5-day cheese cleanse. Do it fast before this offer ends (aka tomorrow when April Fools’ Day is over).


6. Amazon went retroAmazon was a day early with their TBT when they made the website go back to their retro layout from the 90s as a joke. However, don’t worry as soon as you click on the website it brings you back to normal homepage to do your shopping.

7. HerMoms.com by Her CampusMoms of collegiettes rejoiced across America when they first heard about the launch of HerMoms.com. However, it was soon discovered that Her Campus is just sticking to writing for collegiettes, sorry Moms. HCXO!