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6 Things Only Middle Children Understand

So you’re about four years old, no cares in the world and everything is going great. Life’s good with you and your older sibling. Your parents adore both of you equally because how can they not? There are only the two of you after all. But then the day came that deemed you the dreaded middle child and life as you knew it was never the same. These are things only you, poor middle child, would understand while growing up.

1. Forgetting you exist

As if it wasn’t bad enough that your little sibling took up all your parent’s attention, you’re starting to realize that everyone else seems to focus on them too. That combined with the amazing stories that shift the focus to the eldest, you seem to somehow be pushed aside… always. Looks like just another night locked up in your room with Netflix but that isn’t so bad, is it?

2. Hand me downs

The dreaded wardrobe of your fashion disaster sister is coming your way. Yes, how can you not remember wearing those floral patterned overalls and jelly sandals that did not fit exactly right? You’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ll never have the luxury of wearing new, unstained clothes.

3. As a middle child, you are a walking contradiction

When it comes to chores, your older sibling is too busy with their mature schedule and your younger sibling just needs to play outside.   You’re too young to understand the responsibilities that exempt your older sibling but too old get out of work completely. You are, in fact, as Britney Spears put it, “not a girl, not yet a woman.” Oh the irony!

4. Target for taunting

Sadly, you are the one who is always ganged up on. The first-born and the baby are teaming up to make your life hell because, let’s all be honest, it was the easy thing to do.

5. You are the unique one

After all the ridicule due to your siblings and not being noticed as much, you developed a completely original personality. You choose activities that will stand out over your siblings like horseback riding or figure skating. Plus, you’re always doing things your own way in anything you do. I mean if you are the odd one out better do it with style.


You are stuck in the middle whether you like it or not so you have to share everything. The oldest and the youngest come straight to you for food, clothes or anything- it doesn’t matter. Not to mention you didn’t even get to experience your own room. It’s about time, can all middle children request a single freshman year…?

Even though being the middle child can be strenuous and is not always ideal, it’s made you who you are.  And let’s be honest, even though sometimes you wish you could be an only child, you love your siblings and wouldn’t change them for the world. 

Adriana is currently a second semester senior at Fairfield University. She is majoring in Communication and English with a concentration in creative writing as well as a double minor in marketing and women, gender and sexuality studies.              
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