6 Movies You Need To Watch This Valentines Day

As February 14 approaches, some of us couldn’t be more excited to spend the entire day with our significant other eating a romantic dinner and opening heart shaped boxes of candy. For others, the single life has been a simple life and we want nothing more than to open a bottle of wine, buy some candy, and go out to dinner with our closest girlfriends. If you are part of group two, this list of movies will bring you nothing but laughter, joy, and absurd girlie commentary. Happy V-Day!!!

  1. Bridget Jones Diary

     When it comes to someone every girl can relate to, it is Bridget Jones. Between her awkward personality and multiple mistakes when it comes to relationships, Bridget is the epitome of millennial dating. However, she is a 32-year-old woman working for a publishing company in England.  From the cringe worthy moments to the heart warming scenes, Bridget Jones Diary is one movie you will want to watch over and over again.  

  2. Under The Tuscan Sun

     Frances Meyers is a literary professor and author who is struggling to write her latest book. On the outside, she is seen as having it all  together until her husband files for divorce and states that he wants to marry the woman he is having an affair with. This sends her into a whirlwind of change. She decides to take a vacation to Tuscany. During her trip she decides to plant roots and begin a new life in an old house in Tuscany. From the handsome man she meets in the street, to the neighbors next door who become her family, this heartwarming story of a woman moving on from a crappy marriage is empowering and filled with love.  

  3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

     This classic romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson is one of my all time favorites. Two young, single individuals living in the city, in which one working for a woman’s magazine and the other working in advertising each unknowingly start dating each other for work purposes. For Andy (Hudson), she is writing an article on ‘how to lose a guy in ten days’ in order to switch departments to publishing articles with more substance than fluff. For Ben (McConaughey), he bet his coworkers he could make any woman fall in love with him in ten days and if he succeeds he gets the diamond account for his advertising company. This hilarious and heartwarming film is one that makes you smile, laugh, and tear up all at the same time.  

  4. The Prince and Me

     At Fairfield we have  all heard that saying “stag mates.” Every time we single girls hear it, it makes us cringe.  We all meet different guys each weekend but the majority of them don’t leave us with much hope. Imagine meeting a random stranger out one night during sylly week and as per usual he does something stupid. You get mad and walk away and your night continues. You tell your friends about it and when you show up to class the next day, he strolls in and sits next to you. This is what happens to Paige, a pre-med student at college in Wisconsin however, our douche boy is a prince posing as a college student. From beginning to end you are surprised and falling in love with these dynamic individuals and their sprouting relationship.  

  5. Leap Year

    This romantic comedy starring Amy Adams in beautiful Ireland is one not many have seen and that’s a huge problem! This cute romantic comedy follows a woman who has been in a relationship with the “perfect guy” for a few years and is just waiting for the proposal. She decided to take part in the ancient Irish tradition where a woman can propose to her significant other on February 29th and it is seen as totally normal. She travels to Ireland and meets a cute man who agrees to drive her Dublin where her boyfriend is staying for a work conference. They disagree more than they agree but a flirty relationship starts to develop and her eyes begin to open on the lack of connection she and her actual boyfriend have. This heartwarming movie filled with unexpected turns will keep you rooting for this unlikely pair the entire time.  

  6. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

    This classic British romantic comedy is filled with young love and all the  awkwardness it comes with. Georgia is a high-schooler living through the awkward changes of her body, attitude, and life. She wants to be cool but makes cringe worthy decisions that push her far from it. From shaving her eyebrow to putting self-tanner on her legs making them look like carrots, all she wants to do is appear older, more mature, and hopefully score a boyfriend. From the family dynamic, friendship ups and downs, and hilarious flirting techniques, you either love her or hate her but in the end want what’s best for her.