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The 6 Best Things About Being an Unpaid Intern

Have you ever just wished that someone would hire you as an intern AND pay you at least minimum wage?  You’re not alone. We get it, working for free feels like it kind of defeats the purpose of having a job. While it’s absolutely true that having an unpaid internship will most likely negatively affect the dollar signs in your bank account, you can gain a lot more than just a few paychecks from your internship…

1. You will get to experience your future profession.Without an internship you may say you want to go into a specific field, but you don’t actually know if you will like the job or not. An internship is the perfect way to get the experience necessary to determine if you actually want that kind of job. Plus if you are in love with your internship, it will motivate you to work hard to get that job.

2. The people you’ll meet are amazing.Knowing people and making connections can get you very far in life. While you are interning you are bound to meet tons of professional people who have successfully navigated the work world to get from your unpaid position to a full time (and fully paid) job! Learn from them, connect with them, be friends with them and one day you may even get to be just like them.

3. You will leave 100x smarter than when you arrived.Technically an internship is a job, but you are there to learn. You don’t get paid to go to school and you won’t necessarily get paid to learn how to do your future job. But trust us, the on-the-job lessons and real life experiences will be worth so much more than what you learn in class one day.

4. And it’s not all about gaining knowledge.Not only is your internship probably going to be so much fun and everything you’ve ever dreamed of, interns get so much free stuff. So have a great time while receiving cool books, makeup and tons of free food? Sign us up.

5. You will become a time management expert.Most of the time if you are interning you are also taking college classes or working another part time job to make some extra cash. Not only is it possible to work multiple jobs and go to your classes, will you learn how to get the most out of your day which can totally translate over to your social life.

6. You are one step closer to getting a real life, legit job!Not only do internships look AMAZING on resumes, by completing your internship you have become the ideal candidate for future jobs in that field. If you did your time and you made some awesome connections, your future is probably looking bright — and hopefully paid. 

Megan is a Fairfield University senior majoring in English and journalism from Long Island, New York. She is the Fashion Director and a devoted writer for Her Campus Fairfield as well as a part-time Editorial Web Intern at Cosmopolitan.com in New York City. Some of Megan's favorite things are the beach, Spotify playlists, Harry Potter and Instagram. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram! 
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