5 Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf for the Colder Weather

  Fall is officially here, ladies! The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, pumpkin spice is ~everywhere~, and a whole new wardrobe is settling in! Scarves are essential in completing any fall outfit, especially on those blustery days when you need a little extra warmth. You can easily change your look just by wearing a scarf in a different way! Here are 5 ways to style a blanket scarf this season!


The Classic: This style is probably the OG scarf look but is still a fan-favorite today! Grab the ends of the scarf and hold it behind your neck, leaving more scarf on one side. Throw the longer side of the scarf over your shoulder and straighten everything out. Voila! 


The Pull-Through: Roll your blanket scarf into one long line and then fold it in half. Put the loop on one side of the neck, and then the loose ends on the other, and then just pull the ends through the loop!  

  The Cozy Braid: This look is similar to the pull-through but a little fancier and dramatic! Fold the scarf in half and then loop it around your neck. Pull one tail through the loop and weave the other side through to create a braid!


The Poncho: This is a fun way to wear this oversized scarf because it keeps you warm and looks like a stylish poncho! All you have to do is hold the scarf out wide and drape it over your shoulders. Then bring it around so that the ends are in the front and adjust it to your outfit how you like!


  The Kerchief: This is a staple way to style a blanket scarf. It works best with square scarves but can also be done with a rectangle scarf… get crafty ladies! To get this look, fold the scarf across to create a triangle. Grab the two opposite corners of the scarf and cross them in the back of your neck. Lastly, bring the ends around to the front and just tuck the tails under the triangle!


Can’t wait to see all of you Collegiettes rock the blanket scarf this season!