5 Ways to Meet Boys on Your Campus

At Fairfield University there is a statistic that states that 96% of students find their “stagmate” on campus. It is a little crazy to think that you may see your future husband everyday in Barone or that he is the guy sitting next to you in history class. For some this is an insanely cool thing to think about but for others we reach a whole new stress level when the phrase “stagmate” is brought up. There is something to be said about those select few who randomly meet the perfect guy and date them the next day.

Most of us we are faced with either meeting no one or a string of jerks. I have had my handful of jerk encounters and to be honest, I’d rather not meet any guys than meet a string of a**holes. With that being said, I guess it’s the luck of the draw when it comes to meeting guys!

Some express that because our campus is so small,  they always run into the same people and are never able to meet new prospects. This has become a frequent conversation topic amongst girls today because it seems that meeting guys may be a little harder to do than ever before, even for those social butterflies. With that said, here are a few places to meet guys at Fairfield.

  1. Take a new route to class. This small change in your day could make a huge difference! By taking the same way to class everyday, we tend to see the same faces. Though this is a nice thing to have, by changing up your route during the day you can run into different people. The best surprise is when you walk past a familiar face that is walking with a new extremely good-looking face, here’s your chance to stop and chat!
  2. In the classroom. Yes - college is mainly about getting an education and the classes we take are vital to gaining important skills we can use in the real world. However, sometimes it is nice to have some eye candy in the classroom. If you have a good looking guy in your class try to sit in the same row or close to them. Preferably sit in front of them so they don’t distract you during class but in the case you get broken up into groups based on where you are sitting or by rows, you will automatically be put in there group and have a easy way to start up a conversation with them.
  3. At the townhouses. Yes, the townhouses can get incredibly hot and packed on a Saturday night. However if you decide to take a breather and walk out onto the front porch or back porch you are bound to see guys walking by or out on the porch as well.

This is a good idea for two reasons:

#1) Being outside in the fresh air automatically protects your makeup from getting messed up due to the crazy heat inside of a townhouse. This ensures that you will look your best!

#2) Some guys want to be in charge of who goes in or out of their own or a random townhouse. Most of the time it’s the guy who lives at the townhouse or who knows every person that walks by the porch. If you end up being on the porch strike up the conversation with something simple like “Wow it is so hot in there!” or laugh at the ridiculous way the guy acts when he won’t let someone in. Humor is the best way to break silent and sometimes awkward situations so just be your regular, funny self.

  1. Day drinks at the beach: We are lucky enough to go school so close to the beach and to have darties every weekend. The fun part about socializing at a darty is you are outside during the day! No more crammed, dark townhouses in the middle of the night where you can’t see somebody’s face! During darties people are in good moods and there is more than enough personal space to move around. There is almost always a beer pong table you can hang where strangers can become teammates instantly. Darties are also fun because there tends to be a lot of shirtless guys… hey we are on the beach! What else would you expect? J Grab your cutest darty outfit and your sunglasses because trust me it is going to be hot, hot, hot!
  2. Through friends: This may be the easiest route to go for those of us who are shy. When you are around people you know in a comfortable environment we tend to be more outgoing. With this being said, if your friends know a boy you find attractive or one you want to meet, you are more likely to be your bubbly self in an environment you feel comfortable in.

Though meeting guys is a fun and exciting thing to do, you don’t need a guy to have fun! Going out with your girlfriends and dancing like crazy can be twice as fun meeting a guy and missing out on your favorite song. Don’t have the mindset of going out to meet a great guy because then it won’t happen. The best ones are found unexpectedly. Everything happens for a reason so don’t stress! Relax and have fun!!!