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5 Things About London Fashion Week You May Not Have Known


London Fashion Week is the quintessential gathering of young stars and fresh new fashion. This event is about an expression of creativity and the artistic image of up and coming designers. High fashion enthusiasts could not wait to see what was happening this year and experience the new emerging talent. Best part of all, there was even some unexpected celebrity guests, so naturally iconic supermodels became instant best friends after bonding over a shared love for fashion. All of this went down at the grand and architecturally beautiful Somerset House.

Here are some of the facts and highlights you need to know about this event:

1. The Somerset House

Pictured above is the Somerset House which has hosted London Fashion Week since 2009. Declaring this grandeur a house is a little of an understatement, instead the title palace is more accurate.  An interesting historic fact about the Somerset House is the courtyard palace was built during the Renaissance in 1551 for the Tudors: a family of royalty. Now it acts as a creative hub and a place of inspiration for visual and performing arts. 

2. Supermodels are BFFs?

At the Burberry show, occurring on the third day of LFW 2015,celebrities Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Cara Delevigne were all seen sitting together. Apparently all supermodels are BFFs? An added bonus, the young and flawless Kendall Jenner walked the show too. 

3. Fall Riding Boots Become a Posh Evening Look for Fall 2015

At the Erdem show on February 23rd, a new glam evening look was debuted. To switch things up designer Erdem Moralıoğlu ditched the classic flat or heels and created a fresh new look with riding boots. The look pictured above features a stunning long dress completed with a sleek boot. 

4. Guest of Honor at LFW: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan shows off her street style for the Gareth Pugh show on February 21st. Lindsay made an appearance to support Gareth, an old friend of hers and was one of several VIP guests at his show. Gareth’s collection was bold and edgy, to say the least and the painted red cross on each of the model’s faces was an interesting yet kind of creepy touch.

5. Hunter Boots are High Fashion 

We all love Hunter rain boots, and as trendy as they are on campus, they prove to be high fashion too. The designer brought rain showers onto the runway to show that these beauties truly repel water while still staying on trend. 

Katherine is a sophomore at Fairfield University currently studying Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. She works behind the scenes as Executive Style Editor for Her Campus Fairfield. New York City is her dream, where she plans to pursue and thrive in the world of the arts. She has a talent for creating visually stunning productions that encompass several inspirational mediums including makeup, fashion styling, and interior design. She loves to combine her passion for creation with her strong skill of organization.  In her free time she loves catching up on the latest pinterest activity, watching too many episodes of Lost, or indulging in one of her favorite activities: shopping! This girl is a huge advocate for girl power, inner beauty, and confidence!
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