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5 Sustainable Fashion Trends We Love

There are some sustainable fashion trends in 2018 that we ~love~.  Fashion trends aren’t only about new styles, but also about what’s going on in our culture and in our environment!  Here are 5 sustainable fashion trends that we’re all about this year:

1. Vietnam Has the Right Idea

We’ve all heard about clothing factories with unfair treatment of workers or unfair pay, but most factories have cleaned up their acts or have moved their production factories elsewhere by now.  Vietnam is taking a step in the right direction and offering to obtain production space for factories with fairly paid workers who will make clothes that are eco-friendly. ‘Made in Vietnam’ will soon be one of our favorite labels to see on our clothing tags!

2. Clothing & Beauty Brands That Are Using Smaller Influencers

We all know that big beauty and fashion influencers like Alexis Ren must demand prices that only huge fashion brands can meet. We love these influencers, but no one knows if the endorsements are genuine!  There are influencers that we can count on like Kristen Leo, Daria Daria and Freya Haley. They may be smaller stylish Instagrammers, but their ethics and integrity when it comes to beauty and fashion has brought them a huge following!

3. Vintage Fashion!!

One vintage trend, which is huge for this upcoming year, has been disco. More importantly though, thrifting is the vintage trend that’s exploding. Vloggers are making thrifting popular! Buying vintage clothing from thrift stores can make you stand out from the crowd and make your style unique.

4. 3D Printing to Create & Customize Goods

Luxury brands have started to use 3D printing to create exclusive and unique goods.  Brands like Eileen Fisher and Pringles have invested in knitting machines that allow customers to choose the wool, color, design, and size of their products.  The machines can make these products in just hours! Printing materials continue to become eco-friendlier, so we’re all on board with this fun, sustainable fashion trend.

5. Goodbye Fur!

Dozens of retailers and designers are banning fur. Finally! Net-a-porter and Selfridges are two retailers saying no to fur, and so are Gucci, Michael Kors, Armani, and Jimmy Choo.  We all agree that this cruel material needs to be vanished from the fashion world.



Victoria Gracie

Fairfield '18

Victoria is a graduate from Fairfield University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. She's from Long Island and has an intense love for New York City. She hopes to travel the world and always lives life with a positive attitude. A few of her obsessions include pizza, dogs, coffee, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram: @vgraciee
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