5 Summer DIY Activities You Need To Try

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax and unwind after a hectic school year. However, there are only so many Netflix episodes to watch or relaxing beach days to enjoy before you begin looking for something more productive to do. Look no further! These cute, do-it-yourself crafts are easy to make, will keep you busy, and are the perfect decorations for your room next semester or present for a loved one.

So channel your inner Martha Stewart and get crafty!

1. Blooming Monogram 

Photo courtesy of vylette.buciorweb.com

What you need:Cardboard or paper mache lettersKnifeFloral foamStrong scissorsSilk FlowersGlue gun

Directions:First, use your knife to hollow out the cardboard or paper mache letters.Fill in the hollowed out letters with floral foam, making sure you don’t miss any big spots and secure with glue.Cut the flowers leaving only a short stem.Push the stem into the foam in the desired arrangement, using glue to secure the flowers. 

2.  A magnet board for storing makeup

Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

What you need:FrameAppropriately sized metal(available at hardware stores)MagnetsHot glue gun

Directions:Place cut metal into your frame, making sure that it is secure.Use the hot glue gun to stick the magnets to your makeup. Keep in mind that some larger or heavier products may require more than one magnet.Stick and arrange your makeup! 

3. Beautiful decorated wine or alcohol bottles 

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

What you need:Hot waterBaking powerDish SoapWhite VinegarHot glue gunAny paints or adornments you like!

Directions:First, you need to remove the label on the bottle by submerging the bottle in very hot water.Add ½ cup of baking power, 1 tbsp of dish soap, and 2 cups of white vinegar to the water and the label easily comes off.Dry the bottle and decorate. Here are some more ideas for decorating left over alcohol bottles!

4. Shell mirror or picture frame

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

What you need:Seashells!A mirror or picture frameHot glue gun

Directions:Take your mirror or frame and begin to carefully glue large, base shells first.Continue gluing shells on, using smaller shells and stones to fill in any gaps.Add a few finishing touches on top (like little starfish, so cute!).Ta-da! You finally have something to use all those seashells you have been collecting from the beach for years.

5. Personalized Cooler

Courtesy of frattysratty.com

What you need:A coolerPaintPaint tapePencil

Directions:Take your cooler and gently sketch what you want to paint with a pencil.Use paint tape to cover any area of the cooler you don’t want painted a certain color or to ensure straight lines.Get busy painting so you can get busy enjoying your new and improved cooler!