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“5 Study Strategies That your Future Self will Thank you for”

Ladies, as the end of the semester, is rapidly approaching, and deadlines seem to shrink, it’s important to stay on top of everything. I know that can seem challenging, especially juggling 5/6 classes on top of extra-curricular activities, but with these 5 study strategies, your future self will be thanking you!


1.Time Blocking: This is a great one, especially being busy college students! I personally love this one because it allows me to plan out my week ahead of time, and important things (like class and exams) I know, so I can block out time in my schedule to study and dedicate to specific things. If you don’t know when anything is happening in your schedule or decide to look at your syllabi the week before Finals, this will be perfect for you.


2.To-Do Lists: This one is similar to time blocking, but it’s daily. Every night, I sit down and think about what I need to do the next day, and I write it down. That leaves no room for forgetting about your Accounting exam two days later! Plus, it’s super pleasing to cross off things as you get them done!


3.Quizlet/Flashcards: If you’re anything like me, then you’re a sucker for flashcards. Depending on the class, they can be super time consuming, and can eat away at your precious time! Quizlet is a great alternative because they are still flashcards, but they’re super quick and easy to make since they are online. Plus, you can access them from your phone and study as you’re eating with friends or walking to class.

4.Study in Advance: This one may seem obvious but start studying earlier! I’m notorious for waiting until the day or two before to cram for an exam, and although it usually pays off, the stress and anxiety it causes me is not a reward. Instead, start going over the basics of what will be on the exam about 5 days out-this leaves you with plenty of time to digest the material and to reteach yourself and ask your professor for help if need be!

5.Study with a Partner: For some subjects, this can be a game-changer. Last semester, studying with a group saved me and my Accounting grade, and it also helps to talk through different ideas and how other people solve problems. Some professors even suggest studying in groups for their exams, and if they suggest that, do it. It could be the difference between stressing out the day before all day and getting a relaxed A.

Those were our top 5 study strategies! They have all definitely changed my mindset when it comes to studying and have helped me get my life together during the chaos! Good luck studying, Collegiettes!


Erica Salisbury

Fairfield '22

Erica is a Senior at Fairfield University majoring in Accounting with a minor in Digital Journalism. She has always loved fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, and is so excited to be a part of Her Campus again at Fairfield! She cannot wait to see all the things in store for her during her last year at Fairfield, especially with being involved in Her Campus.
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