5 Reasons Why Kate Middleton is #Goals

Before she was the Duchess of Cambridge, she was just Kate Middleton. Long before she was royalty, Kate had it all going on: she was nice, smart, beautiful, and well liked by everyone. Even pre-princess Kate is goals! Who wouldn’t want to be all of those things PLUS a princess? Here are a few reasons why the Duchess of Cambridge is the ultimate goal. 

Her Unparalleled Fashion Sense

Kate Middleton’s fashion sense has always been unbeatable. Whether she was going to a formal, a casual sporting event, or even her own wedding, she never fails to look perfect. If any of you are interested in finding specific outfits or pieces of clothing the Duchess wore check out: http://whatkatewore.com

Her Trademark Hair


Like her amazing wardrobe, Kate Middleton’s hair convinces everyone that she is a flawless human being. Her perfect chestnut brown hair makes practically everyone jealous. Whether she wears it half up with loose curls or in a slick ponytail, she always looks regal. 

William and Kate’s Epic Love Story

Kate first met her Prince Charming in college and they were only friends at first. The sparks didn’t fly until William saw Kate in their college’s fashion show. William didn’t waste time and immediately kissed Kate after the show, but at the time she had a boyfriend. After she and her then boyfriend broke up, Kate and William started dating and the first picture of them together was leaked in 2004. On April 29, 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in a beautiful fairytale wedding. And let’s face it, that wedding kiss had everyone feeling some sort of way. 


Her Family

Kate and Will have the CUTEST KIDS EVER!! They win the game, hands down. Royal Insiders have said in interviews that the Duke and Duchess are focused on giving Prince George and Princess Charlotte a normal childhood. Will especially works hard to make sure his family comes before his royal duties.  Her Family

Her Role as Duchess of Cambridge Fun fact: it's a royal tradition for the parents to present the newborn to the world the day the baby is born. Kate Middleton, hours after Princess Charlotte was born, looked absolutely stunning on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital after giving birth.