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5 Questions to Prepare for the Career Fair

 As we approach the Spring Career Fair, it’s time to start preparing. Suit up and get your padfolios ready for taking notes and collecting business cards. Aside from preparing a cute outfit for your LinkedIn headshot, you should also think about what you will ask potential employers when you speak with them. Below are 5 ideas: 


1.How did you get to where you are today? This can help you understand the person’s college experience, transitions to new jobs, and get an overall sense of their background to prepare for follow-up questions. 


2.How does your role impact your company as a whole? Understanding what someone does is half the battle in the job application process. If you ask how a person’s role fits into the company’s work as a whole, you will get a better sense of what they do and be able to speak more about why you are fit for a role with the company.  


3.What advice would you give to a college student actively applying for internships/jobs? This can help you understand what the employer might be looking for in a successful applicant. 


4.What kind of opportunities does your company offer for college students? This can help you find out about potential student programs that many companies offer and can lead to more follow-up questions about the application process.


5.What are the biggest mistakes you see on resumes/on interviews? This can aid in understanding common mistakes to help you improve your skills. 


Best of luck at the career fair!

I am from Long Island, New York. I currently attend Fairfield University and I am pursuing a major in Finance and minors in Mathematics and Economics. 
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