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5 Pairs of Sunglasses You Need for End of Summer Sun

Sunglasses are a notorious staple in anyone’s summer wardrobe, they’re the perfect accessory for
a multitude of occasions. The last style opportunities of summer can always be hit or miss, so
let’s jump into the sunglasses you need before it gets too cold.

  1. The “Go-To” Sunglasses
    These sunglasses are the ones we don’t really care about losing or breaking, aka the sunnies you
    shove in your bag or back pocket. The “go-to’s” are the ones you throw on for a cute picture or
    when you’re blinded by the light, but you never think about bringing them anywhere too formal.
    My pair of go to sunglasses would be from a Surf Shop or Target!
  2. The “Investment” Sunglasses
    THESE sunglasses are the limited edition, fall in love instantly, dream about, want it now, kind
    of sunglasses; the ones you know you can’t afford. THESE are the sunglasses everyone wants,
    and you conveniently have… Now these, these blow the “go-to” glasses out of the water. They tie
    together any outfit and make your confidence spike. My “investment” sunglasses” would be the
    Prada Symbole, in white. They look like 3D movie theater glasses, but everyone will look at you
    like you’re the movie star.
  3. The “Blackout/Block Out” aka the “BBO” Sunglasses
    The BBO Sunglasses are truly for what Migos would call the BBO. These babies block out
    whatever you want them to. They’re the chic but mysterious concealer for your eyes, your
    feelings, the haters, and the sun. These sunglasses have a black frame and black lenses, where
    you can see out, but no one can see in. These are life savers on a sunny day, after a rough night,
    or to cultivate a newly found mystique. These can either be a splurge or a save because anyone
    who sells sunglasses gets your vibe.
  4. The “BASIC” Sunglasses
    Okay here me out, everyone has a different definition of basic, so these sunglasses are the ones
    you grab whenever you feel the most basic, and you’re kind of feeling your face that day, and
    kind of not. My go to are the round Ray Bans mainly because I feel like they’re subtle,
    complimentary, and basic for whenever I’m not feeling myself.
  5. The “LOOK @ ME” Sunglasses
    Lastly, these sunglasses are the ones you choose to make a statement in. They can be flamingo,
    neon green, glow in the dark, oversized, vintage, etc. These are the exact opposite of the basic
    sunglasses. You absolutely NEED these in your end of summer wardrobe, for a party, for
    Instagram, for the memories… get a pair. These glasses make a statement. Summer is way too short not to make a statement, grab a pair of these and set the stage for next summer’s sunglass game.

MK Kalenak

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Hi! I'm MK Kalenak! I'm a sophomore Public Relations & Digital Journalism Major and Finance Minor at Fairfield U from PGH, PA <3