5 Fashion and Beauty Bloggers to Start Following ASAP

Ladies, fashion and beauty bloggers have become an inspiration for all of our style needs. We all constantly obsess over the newest trends and makeup finds, which makes it nearly impossible to wait for them to post new content. Here are our top 5 fashion and beauty bloggers to start following as soon as you finish reading this post!


1. Danielle Bernstein is the face behind the popular fashion blog WeWoreWhat. Danielle was one of the firsts when it came to fashion blogging back in 2010. She made her presence known when she made it on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list before the age of 25 and released her own clothing line, which is every girl’s dream. Danielle’s New York style and City posts are so inspiring and #fab.


2. Julie Sarinana is also one of the most well-known fashion bloggers of our time. Founding her blog in 2009, Julie originally used it just as a creative outlet, but it turned into so much more. She has turned into an international style, and fashion influencer, and also has come out with her own fashion line. Julie truly believes that anyone can accomplish anything with hard work! #BossBabes


3. Poppy Deyes is one of the newer fashion and beauty bloggers in the community. Most known for her relationship with Zoe Sugg, her brother Alfie’s YouTube girlfriend, Poppy certainly had quite a following once she decided to make a blog. Everything from makeup advice to what to cook for a date-night, Poppy’s fun, conversational voice is one that always has us coming back for her newest article.

4. This blog has become one of our personal faves! Megan McSherry is a 20-year-old college student at USC and has made quite the name for herself. What makes her so special? She focuses on sustainable fashion and the importance of ethical living, which is ~SO~ important. Since I personally started following her and her platform, I can’t stop carrying my ~Hydroflask~ with me everywhere I go!


5. Tanya Burr is one of the most iconic fashion and beauty bloggers. Mostly known for her YouTube channel, Tanya has created another empire for herself with her blog. Also good friends with Zoe Sugg, Tanya uses her witty English humor and savvy sense of fashion in just about every situation. Her light and airy writing attracts us to her page constantly!


We can’t wait to see what else these lovely ladies are going to post about next ladies!