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5 Fairfield Sources You Should Be Using

Fairfield offers an abundance of resources for its students. You can get everything from free news sources and writing help to career advice and job listings. Most students don’t even know they exist or don’t know how to utilize these sources. Here are 5 resources that are definitely a must to check out! 



No, I’m talking about the ‘Highway to Hell’ singers, this is the Academic Career and Development Center. The career center can not only look over your resume, but they also hold mock interviews, offer cover letter help, give you clothes to interview in, and provide you with general career advice. If you have a dream job, they can take you through the necessary steps to achieve your dream. Recently, the career center has been moved from the Kelley center; now each school has its own dedicated staff members located in each school for easier access. To find your school’s contacts, click the link here and scroll down to the ‘contact us’ section. 


2.Free Subscriptions to the WSJ and NYT

Want to stay up to date on the world around you? The library buys group subscriptions to the WSJ and the NYT, this means you can get these online subscriptions free using your Fairfield University email. Click here to sign up for the Wall Street Journal subscription and here for the New York Times.


3.Stags4Hire (Handshake)

Stags4Hire, which is now run by the website Handshake, is a great place to apply for jobs because the employers who post job opening are looking for Fairfield University applicants. Also, the employers can see your profile and will be able to message you when they are coming to campus for career fairs or other events.  



If you’re just starting your 4-year journey at Fairfield, you may not realize that most of the classes you are taking have student tutors. While office hours are helpful, sometimes getting a student perspective is even better, you also may feel more comfortable getting help from a student than a teacher who may be more intimidating. 


5.The Writing Center

You may think the writing center can just help you edit your essays, but they can do so much more! They can help you find credible and useful sources if you go visit them in person in the library, or you can use the Ask a Librarian feature on the library website. The writing center can also help you with citations, or you can always use the online citation guide, which you can find here


Hopefully, this list can help you to better utilize the resources Fairfield University provides!


Molly Concannon

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Molly Concannon is a Jersey girl through and through. She attends Fairfield University where she is majoring in Finance and Public Relations. This is her fourth year on the Her Campus team! She is also slightly obsessed with libraries, reading, and Disney movies, and she definitely will try to pet any dogs she sees.
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