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5 Delighfully Unusual Color Combos to Try This Spring

When you’re stumped on what to wear it is easy to reach for basic colors, like black. With spring upon us, it is time to ditch that habit and step outside of neutrals. Adding bright shades to your wardrobe might seem intimidating, but an unexpected combination of colors is rebellious and exciting. Take a look at how real people are incorporating two surprising hues into their outfits. Here are 7 delightfully unusual color combinations to try this spring:

Fuchsia and Tangerine

Even though these two hues are in a similar color family, the combo of fuchsia and tangerine looks amazing together.

Yellow and Turquoise

This color combination is one every fashionista should try! Choose one of the colors as your main piece and add the other color through accessories.

Lilac and Grey

Grey and lilac is a combo that can easily be adapted for many wardrobes. The soft lilac color paired with a deep grey hue adds to the perfect balance to any outfit.

Cobalt Blue and Red

These two vibrant primary colors look classic and patriotic when paired together. If you are unsure about this color combo, try wearing one of the colors in a discrete way, like with a purse, shoes, necklace, or bracelet.  

Green and Navy

This works because the brightest of the green is toned down by the richness of the blue, making for a stunning color combo!

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