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5 Best Puffer Jackets for the Winter

As the cold season approaches us, it is time to go shopping for the new fashion trend: puffer jackets. After buying a few myself, talking with friends, and watching TikTok trends, I have the 5 best puffer jackets that will meet all your needs!

Warmth and Style:

The two puffer jackets that have dominated this season for not only style, but warmth are the: Aritzia Super Puff and The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse

The Aritzia Super Puff comes in 16 different colors and is the perfect warm jacket for the winter. This puffer is amazing for the colder weather and has been compared to the quality of Canada Goose, but for less money. People are eager to get their hands on The Super Puff, as it has dominated TikTok. 

The North Face Puffer Jacket made waves last year as Kendall Jenner was spotted rocking it. This puffer is one of my favorites and will keep you warm on your walk to classes or hanging out on the beach! It is easy to style, like the Aritzia Super Puff, and will be a perfect asset to your wardrobe. 

Affordable and Cute:

As a college student, buying an expensive jacket is not always in your price range, but style is always important. Here are two affordable, but cute, puffers that you can add to your closet:

The Target Puffer Jacket is a must-have for a cheap puffer, retailed at only $35. It is not the warmest jacket, but on a budget it will do the trick and look super cute!

One of my favorite puffers that will keep your bank account happy is the Forever 21 Hooded Puffer Jacket. If you love your jackets with hoods this puffer is perfect for you, as it is an affordable and stylish jacket. 

The Ultimate Fashion Must-Have:

My favorite puffer jacket for winter, and my go to, is the Zara Faux Leather Puffer. I recommend this jacket for all types of occasions. It is a perfect price for a fashion must-have and will keep you warm throughout this winter season!

Saunder Saffran

Fairfield '24

Saunder is currently majoring in Finance and Marketing at Fairfield University. She is from outside of New Haven, Connecticut.
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