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5 Best Face Masks and Skin Care for These Cold Winter Days

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

The colder winter days can take a toll on us. We can get into ruts, not want to step foot outside at all, or even mess with our moods. Not only does it affect our well-beings, but it also can affect our skin.

Even though there are benefits the colder weather provides your skin with, it can also make your beautiful complexion very dry, raw, and irritated. But, have no fear, we are here to give you the down low on all the best facemasks and skin care products for this wintery season! I’ll let you in on a little secret… it’s ~all about the hydration~.

1. Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost Mask



This face masks infused with superfine walnut grains entices circulation to awaken tired and dull skin. It not only brightens your skin, but also has a gentle exfoliate to get rid of that dead skin.

Sephora: $49

2. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask


Even though it’s a little pricy, this is a perfecting mask for all skin types. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, this will give you the results that you desire. It’s packed with antioxidants that help with anti-aging and give you a boost of hydration.

Sephora: $92

3. Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask

This mask has tons of hydrating ingredients to calm, sooth, and revitalize for a healthier complexion. It is lightweight and made of  healthy ingredients like hand-picked calendula flower petals as well as the ~magical~ aloe vera plant.

Sephora: $45

4. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

When you are noticing your skin is representing more of the Sahara dessert instead of a luscious rainforest, you need this intensive hydration mask in your life. Comprised with avocado and apricot kernel oil, this mask quenches your skin’s thirst and builds moisture for tomorrow.

Sephora: $27

5. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

A newer skincare brand, but still very reputable, Glossier gives us an exceptionally affordable way to keep out face as fresh as a baby’s bottom. This is a daily facial cleanser to wash away all of the grime from the day, while continuously hydrating with it’s creamy gel consistency.

Glossier: $18


Adriana is currently a second semester senior at Fairfield University. She is majoring in Communication and English with a concentration in creative writing as well as a double minor in marketing and women, gender and sexuality studies.              
Alexis DiZenzo is a motivated Connecticut native. She attends Fairfield University where she is majoring in digital journalism and minoring in marketing. She is currently co-campus corespondent of Fairfield's Her Campus chapter. Along with managing Her Campus Fairfield, Alexis has interned with The Secured Lender Magazine, and NBC Sports. She is a contributing writer for Elite Daily as well as Thought Catalog. In the early stages of her college career, Alexis has taken the initiative to reach far among the stars and achieve goals early on. She has a great sense of editing, writing, publishing, marketing and leadership as well as strong interpersonal skills. (And a fun-loving, outgoing personality!) Alexis' favorite book (and movie) is The Great Gatsby, she lives by the words of Carrie Bradshaw and you could definitely find her on a beach, soaking up the sun. Instagram @alexisdizenzo www.alexisfdizenzo.com