5 Best Board Games to Play on a Night In

I love going out as much as the next girl but some nights staying in with your friends and relaxing is the best. Sure you could watch Netflix or The Bachelor but why not have some fun and play a board game? Here is a list of fun games to play on a night in.

1.  Say Anything This is the perfect game to play with your close friends and see what you really know about each other. One player picks a card and selects a question that could be something like, “Which celebrity would be the most fun to hang out with for a day?" Then everyone writes down an answer and there is a vote to decide who won. My friends and I have the best time playing this game even though we usually end up making our own rules. 

2.   Cards Against Humanity This game is insanely popular right now and anyone who has played it will know why. I would describe this game as Apples to Apples for adults. The concept is pretty simple. Each round someone asks a question from a black card and then the other players put in their funniest white card and the person who read the question picks the winner. Cards Against Humanity is hilarious and a guaranteed good time.

3.   Watch Ya Mouth Another popular new game, Watch Ya Mouth is probably unlike any other board game you have played. There are teams of players that put in cheek retractors and try to read different phrases. Seems simple, but it’s harder than it looks and the result is priceless. 

4.  Rockstar Rehab Ever dream of being a problematic, train wreck celebrity? Now’s your chance! Rockstar Rehab is so so so fun. Each player is a celebrity and the object of the game is to make it through Rock star rehab along the way going to nightclubs, parties and even jail. Good luck!

5.   What? Similar to Say Anything, What? is a perfect game for a night it. What I really like about this game is you can play it with as many people as you want. Basically, everyone writes and answer to a category questions. The reader reads all answers out loud and chooses one answer for each player to guess who wrote it. It’s a super fun game and comes in different variations including What? Girls Night Edition.