4 Tips for Saving Money on the Weekends

Ladies, it may seem tempting to go into town and on fun adventures with your friends because of the spring weather, but let's not forget that it can be dangerous for our wallets and our bank accounts. Don't stress because we got your back! Here are 4 tips when it comes to saving money on the weekends.


1. Using the Stag Bus is a great tip for students who don’t have a car or access to one on campus! We know how easy Uber is, but those $6-8 charges can add up pretty quickly. Although the Stag Bus may sometimes be inconvenient, it’s a great way to save money as an underclassman on the weekends!


2. This tip is an easy one! Again, for underclassman, eating at The Tully is a great way to save money, even on the weekends. Try to limit eating out to once every other week or for special occasions. Uber Eats and Grub Hub can be super tempting when you’re late-night studying, but a great alternative is running to ~The Stag~ for a snack or a sandwich.


3. Honey and Unidays shopping apps have been lifesavers while in college! If you spend your weekend's online shopping for cute going out outfits or for Point days, you’ll adore both of these apps. Honey is a coupon app linked to Google Chrome, where you shop online or at stores. It searches for exclusive coupon codes and discounts. Unidays is also a great app that has constant markdowns for college students at stores like American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. All you have to do is just show the coupon code at the register or type the code in online!


4. Having a fun night in with your gals is another great way to save money on the weekends. Pick up a few facemasks and snacks to watch your favorite movie is much easier then Ubering to the movie theatre or to Happy Hour! Besides, a night in with your ~galpals~ can end up being a lot more fun than going out for the night!


Spend wisely, Collegiettes!