4 Shows You Must Watch This Fall

These past seasons we have all become addicts to some of the most creative and entertaining television shows. Whether you are into horror, romance, comedy, action, drama, or all five, this fall is the return and introduction to some of the best shows on television. With that said, here is a list of the top four must watch TV shows for this fall:

Horror:  If you are looking for a show that will bring to life your worst nightmares but keep you coming back for more American Horror Story: Roanoke is the show for you. This season of American Horror Story has just began and already has people freaking out. The season is being shot as a paranormal documentary unlike it’s past seasons, which brings about a new spooky aura. Roanoke, a 16th century colony settlement in North Carolina that mysteriously disappeared becomes the new home of Shelby and Matt; a young couple that moves from LA after certain events leave them shaken up. Frequent paranormal occurrences start haunting the young couple and are showed in flashbacks acted out by the first settlers of Roanoke. This is one show you don’t want to miss and if you are like me (scared of everything) suck it up! This is SO worth watching.

Action, Romance, Drama: Quantico has become hands down one of my all time favorite shows. The first season aired last year and America was introduced to the sexiest new class of FBI NATS. These bad asses are incredibly relatable and incredibly smart. The season starts off with a flash-forward to Grand Central Station being bombed and the main character Alex Parish being framed as a terrorist. This is a lot to take in, however within five minutes we are flashed back nine months to when all the characters begin their training. The audience is introduced to all the characters that have been accepted to attend Quantico FBI training academy and we begin to learn their backgrounds and why they chose to be in the FBI. The second season begins at the end of September so be sure to catch up on the first season! Brace yourself for all the twists and turns this show has to offer, you won’t be sorry!

Drama, Romance: Greys Anatomy has once again returned! Season 13 episode 1 aired last week and the entire Fairfield campus has never been so excited. For those of you who have followed all 13 seasons know that this season is all about answers; season 12 left us all with a million unanswered questions in our mind. Here’s a little recap: At the end of last season, Amelia and Owen got married, April and Jackson had a daughter, Meredith hooked up with Riggs, Jo revealed she ran away from an abusive ex, and Arizona agreed to share custody with Callie. I don’t know about you but I’m dying to find out what this season holds! Be sure to watch, I know I will be!

Comedy, Romance: New Girl is the type of show I can watch and feel 100 different emotions. It makes ma laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me jump for joy, and it makes me angry. Jess, Nick, Coach, Schmidt, and Winston are the funniest roommates you will ever meet. They are so relatable and down to earth you just want to be a part of their loft. They are just normal people with senses of humor that will leave you peeing your pants. Season 6 has just begun so be sure to catch up on the first few episodes!