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4 Reasons You’re Swooning Over the Man Bun

The Man Bun has taken over our computer screens with articles all over the Internet. Suddenly we’re all swooning over long haired men that can sweep us off our feet and lend us a hair tie at the same time, and here's why: 

Long hair is the bestWe love scruff, and the long hair goes along with that. There’s something about it that makes guys look perfect, but also looks like they put in no effort (aka flawless).

They look ruggedWhy is his hair so long? Is it because he’s too busy fighting off bad guys and building a log cabin with his bare hands? Even if this isn’t the truth, it’s basically the story we think to ourselves. 

They’re exoticWith long hair being typically associated with girls, guys with a man bun are different and exotic, constantly drawing our eye.

You can run your fingers through itWho doesn’t want to run their hair through luscious locks? We know how great it feels to get our hair played with, and now we can return the favor.

Do enjoy some of the best Man Buns of all time:

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