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4 Reasons We Are So Excited For Blake Lively’s New Movie A Simple Favor

Last week, Blake Lively confused quite literally the entire Internet as she erased every photo on her Instagram, unfollowed everyone,including her husband Ryan Reynolds, except 36 girls named Emily Nelson. Blake also changed her Insta bio to “What happened to Emily?” Thankfully, all is well in the world again as Blake has restored her Instagram, following her husband again and all. She also posted the trailer to her new movie leaving fans ~super~ excited to say the least! Here’s why we are SO excited for this film and simply cannot wait for September 14, 2018!


  1. You’ve got to love a good, thrilling mystery.


The film’s plot is focused around the disappearance of Emily Nelson, Blake’s character.  Anna Kendrick plays the role of Emily’s best friend, taking part in solving this ultimate mystery.

  1. Blake debuts fiery red hair!


Blake has inspired hair envy among many with her ~iconic~ blonde waves — one of her ultimate beauty signatures. For her role of Emily Nelson, however, Blake will be spicing things up a bit with her fierce red hair!

  1. Say hello to Serena van der Woodsen 2.0


Blake’s character works in New York City and lives in a suburban mansion. Oh, and did I mention that Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding plays the role of her super hot hubbie?!

  1. I mean, do you really love anything more than a  Blake Lively film?

I think not.


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