4 Reasons To Date Your Best Friend

The idea of dating your best friend can be intimidating. Many think they will potentially ruin their friendship if they were ever to start dating. While there is potential for this, if your connection with your best friend is much stronger than just a friendship, you should most definitely consider taking that relationship to the next level. 


For those of you considering to date your best friend, here are 4 reasons we have as to why you should:


  1. You already have an established trust with your best friend. Trust is what relationships rely on, and can be something that takes a while to build with another person. However, if you were to date your best friend it can be presumed that the two of you already have built up that trust. This developed trust already sets you and your best friend up for a successful relationship. 

  2. You already have a connection with your best friend. The connection you and your best friend share that binds you two together will carry over if you were ever to start dating. Knowing you two already have an affinity that holds you together will make dating each other even easier. 

  3. You already know each other. One of the biggest struggles with dating someone new is the awkwardness or uncomfortableness during those first few dates. Dating your best friend will eliminate any potential for this happening. 

  4. You already care about each other. Knowing how to care for each other and cheer each other up are necessary factors for any relationship. If your best friend is someone who truly knows you and understands you, they already know how to best care for you and vice versa. 


There is no doubt that not everyone is meant to date their best friend, but if you have been contemplating doing so, you should most definitely go for it. Instead of imagining “what if…”, make that what if a reality!