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3 best BEC in Fairfield for a Brunch Date

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Hungover, Dehydrated, and Famished. 

A Bacon Egg and Cheese (BEC), or whatever your prerogative on a bagel, can magically fix all your feelings at 11 am on a Saturday or Sunday.

Thank God Fairfield has numerous options for you and your SO or Bestie to grab before conquering work, a darty, or laying in bed rewatching the Kardashians all day. 

  1. Chef’s Table

If you haven’t tried Chef’s Table breakfast or coffee, what are you doing with your life?

Though it may be a bit crazy at 11 am on a weekend (peak hangover breakfast hour), Chef’s bagels are unbeatable. A BEC or SEC on an everything bagel with a medium iced coffee with almond milk and caramel is perfect. Chef’s is a perfect FFLD Brunch Date, However, fair warning, you may run into half of campus. 

  1. Country Cow Deli/ Hole in the Wall/Tasty Yolk

These are my “grab and go’s”:

Grab one of these, or make your partner pick it up for you (like mine does 😉) and take your breakfast on the road, to the beach, or eat it in your bed. Whatever your desire. 

Country Cow: By Trader Joes, immaculate BEC. Cash only & my FAV lowkey gate-keeped breakfast place. 

Hole in the Wall: Across from Marshalls, good BEC, and Cheap!!!

Tasty Yolk: Venture out a little, many breakfast sandwiches, and fun environment 

  1. The Tully

Here me out, if you’re looking to save money, and don’t want a Dunkin frozen breakfast sandwich, maybe walk up to the BELOVED Tully. A BEC on a croissant or portuguese roll does the job, and the show that the Tully brings is unbeatable. Eat your Tully BEC while awkwardly running into an ex situationship. breakfast and a show that’ll cure the hangover and snap you back to reality real quick. Brownie points if you bring your new BAE. 

BEC+ Bae+ Ex situatonship= Tully Dining Experience.

Enjoy your breakfast!


MK Kalenak

Fairfield '25

Hi! I'm MK Kalenak! I'm a sophomore Public Relations & Digital Journalism Major and Finance Minor at Fairfield U from PGH, PA <3