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28 Signs You’re Addicted To Shopping

Shopping for some of us is an obligation and for others it’s a pure hobby. It is natural for us collegiettes to want to stay up with all the trends and have the next new thing in fashion. It’s so easy to justify those new pair of boots when mom and dad are footing the tuition bill. Constantly coming up with excuses, looking online for new clothes, or finding yourself making lists of what you want to purchase next, all could mean one thing: “My name is [insert name here] and I am a shopaholic.” Here are a few signs signifying that you might have an addiction to shopping.

1. Your world suddenly gets happy the minute you make a purchase.

2. You sit down to write a paper and next thing you know, you find yourself buying clothes on your favorite store’s website.

3. You have your credit card number memorized.

4. You would rather buy the jeans you been eyeing for weeks than splurge on dinner.

5. All you talk about with your friends are the newest clothes you want or just bought.

6. Pinterest is your favorite social media platform

7. You find any excuse to buy an outfit. “Oh it’s going to rain tomorrow, I need a rain coat of course”.

8. When someone compliments your outfit you quickly can reply, “Oh I got it yesterday.”

9. You do not wait around for sales because, lets face it: you want it NOW.

10. You are constantly receiving rewards in the mail from your favorite stores.

11. You can find something to buy at any type of store. “I know it’s a men’s store, but I bet I can find use for that hat.”

12. You have an outfit for every occasion.

13. Pulling off tags every time you get dressed has become a normal routine.

14. You get stressed when you see someone else wearing the shoes you want so you go out and buy them immediately.

15. You learned what size you are in each store so no need to try on any clothes while shopping.

16. You live by the motto “if you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.”

17.  Your friends always call you to go shopping because they know you’re always down for a little retail therapy.

18. You know what’s a new arrival and what has been in the stores for over four weeks.

19. You find your sisters, mom, and friends wearing all your clothes because your closet is basically a department store.

20. You do not need a boyfriend because nothing will ever make you as happy as clothes, shoes, and handbags.

21. You are easy, yet impossible to buy for during the holidays because you love everything but have it all already.

22. Returns are never in your mind. Once you buy it, it’s yours forever!

23. You’ve opened credit cards at all your favorite stores.

24. Every sales associate at your mall knows you and loves when you come in.

25. You accepted your problem of being a shopaholic so you make a job out of it. Future top buyer for Bloomingdales over here.

26. It’s a huge accomplishment if you go into a store and do not buy anything.

27. You consider shopping a sport.

28. Your mother took you to Saks Fifth Avenue when you were a baby, so you knew you were ruined from the start. Thanks mom. I know who to blame my addiction on.

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