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21 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle

1.     Complain less… smile more!

2.     Try to stay away from your favorite sweet and salty vices.

3.     If you’re someone who tans, try to stay out of the bed…spring break is right around the corner!

4.     Replace one glass of soda or sugary drink a day with water.

5.     Heat style your hair one less time a week.

6.     Hit the gym three times a week…exercise gives you endorphins.

7.     We all love chocolate but try to eat a little less of it when you can or switch to dark.

8.     Think twice before judging someone.

9.     Check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram one less time a day.

10. Try to drink in moderation, no one wants to be that girl and guarantee it’s just as miserable for your friends when they end up having to take you home.

11. Curse less.

12. Binge watch Netflix sliiiightly less than usual.

13. Don’t procrastinate things until the last minute!

14. Snack less and eat healthy snacks when you can.

15. Stop carelessly making out with randoms (for you single ladies!)

16. Texting and driving…it can wait.

17. Don’t indulge in take-out too often. You save money when you don’t and plus preparing your own meals allows you to control what you’re really eating.

18. Keep gossiping to a minimum.

19. When you’re thinking about making that second run of the day to Starbucks or Dunkin, don’t. The extra caffeine isn’t good for you in the long run.

20. Remember to wash your makeup off every night before bed.

21. Be confident. Always. 

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