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21 Realities of Being Awkward in Class

1. When you arrive to class late and have to sit in a lefty desk when you’re clearly a righty.

2. When you’re sick but self-conscious about coughing too much in class.

3. When you’re in a class with none of your friends, totally left out of the pre-class banter, just staring at your phone.

4. When you e-mailed the professor before class and they completely blew you off.


5. When you’re asked to read aloud and you completely word jumble.

6. When you’re trying to subtly eat something during class but the wrapper is being super loud.

7. When the teacher thinks you’re raising your hand, but you’re just fixing your hair.

8. When your seat is next to the heating/cooling system and you spend the whole class being pelted in the face by air.

9. When you have to pick for group projects and it’s like a social version of musical chairs.

10. When you’re trying to decide if you want to be the only person in class who uses a laptop.

11. When you haven’t done the homework and are desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the professor.

12. When your stomach won’t stop grumbling in class.

13. When you didn’t bother getting the textbook for that class and have to play it off for the entire semester.

14. When you need to cross the room but feel like everyone is going to be watching you and your awkwardness.

15. When the professor calls on you to answer a random question and you literally have no idea.

16. When you brought the wrong notebook to class and have to write notes in a different one, knowing you threw off your entire system.

17. When you get into class and somebody is sitting in your unofficially assigned seat.

18. When you’re at the front of the room about to give a class presentation but you can’t remember what your Gmail password is.

19. When you go to low-key check your phone during class and Siri blows your cover.

20. When the person who sits in front of you is taking too long to pack up their stuff and you have to awkwardly stand there.

21. When the teacher mentions an assignment that you had no idea was a thing.

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