19 Things You Say to Your Best Friend When You're Both Hungover

We all know that feeling when you wake up after a night out and wonder how you even made it back home to your bed. Luckily, your best friend made it home with you and can try to help fill you in on the night. But lets face it; she probably does not remember it either. After realizing you once again drank more than you can handle, that big a** headache hits you and moving from your bed is impossible. Here is everything you and your best friend say the moment you realize you are hungover.

“I swear I am never drinking again. “

“I think I am still drunk.”

“I need Advil NOW.”

“What even happened last night?”

“I don’t even remember leaving the apartment last night.”

“How did we even get to the bar, wait did we even go to the bar?”

“How much did we have to drink?”

Looks down at floor sees empty bottle… “That explains it.”

“We looked hot last night, did we get cute photos to Instagram?”

“I wonder who I talked to last night or what I even said.”

Looks at Snapchat story: “OMG, I am so embarrassing, how do people even still follow me?” 

Gets tagged in Facebook photos: “WTF, why am I taking photos with these girls?”

“How much did I spend last night?” So not looking at my bank account.

“Sh*t where did this bruise come from?”

“I cannot move out of my bed.”

Looks at phone and see crush’s name in recent messages:  “OMG I drunk texted him AGAIN! I HATE MYSELF” automatically deletes without reading messages.

“Lets go get food NOW. I need an iced coffee, water and a bacon egg and cheese.” 

“I really don’t care what I look like hung over.” 

Looking into a mirror: “No wonder why I’m single" 

**Repeats conversation next weekend, and probably every weekend to follow**