16 Chilling Photographs of Brussels Standing Strong

On Tuesday morning two explosions, at least one caused by a suicide bomber, killed ten people in the Departure Hall of the Brussels airport. According to the New York Times, a second explosion went off about an hour later at the Maelbeek subway station in central Brussels, which killed 20 more people. 

Eight hours later a news bulletin issued by affiliants of the Islamic State claimed responsibility stating that Beligum is "a country partcipating in the coalition against the Islamic State. 

Since the terriosim attack, Brussels has united as a nation to offer an outpouring amount of love and support for those affected. Below are 16 chilling yet powerful photographs of a city hit by terror and now coming together to pick up the pieces. Worldwide people are honoring the victims, hereos and praying for the city of Brussels. Stay strong Beligum!